Subject: Tiny little orgasm in a cup?

Tiff with her glass of green smoothie

My tennis teammate, Tiff, runs races and is an incredible 4.0 tennis player. Before we ended up playing competitive tennis together, I used to see her on the gym treadmills and be downright scared of her. Who runs for 90 minutes straight at an 8.0? It’s not normal. I couldn’t do it if you held a gun to my head.

I try, periodically, to talk her out of her Diet Mountain Dew habit. And into a new green smoothie habit. Sometimes skinny athletes not having any health problems are the hardest sell.

Finally, since I spoke to her women’s group at the Riverside Country Club last week, she tried her first green smoothie! She even bragged later that she had two cups. Tiff is the biggest smack-talker in Utah competitive tennis. She is super funny and has this never-ending banter thing going with our teammates Cindy and Jill. She is well-known for saying things, when an opponent puts the ball away at the net, like,

“I wish you were never born!”

When I saw her drinking her first ever GS, I had to memorialize the occasion with this cell-phone photo, of course. This conversation ensued:

Robyn: This is so awesome! I think I am going to put you on my blog. You should give me a quote, though.

Tiff: Okay. Here’s my quote. It’s a tiny little orgasm in a cup.

green smoothie (Small)
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Robyn: Ummmm. I was thinking of……you know, some DIFFERENT kind of quote.

Tiff: Well that’s what I have to say.

[Note: she may be right. Since this conversation actually took place over 48 hours. That’s how long it took Tiff to give me a quote.]

Super proud of you, Tiff! And my other teammates who were at the demo and texted me the next day that they were starting their Green Smoothie Challenge! Make sure you sign up for our 31-Day Green Smoothie Challenge for support and love and recipes from us on the journey!


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