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After I eat greasy/sugary “junk food,” I feel………..

junk overloadFood for thought! This really makes us think about how powerful addiction to junk food is. Since we feel AMAZING drinking greens, and we categorically feel like crap, eating junk.

As the corollary to what I posted on, last time, Amy asked our readers to fill in the blank:

“When I eat greasy/sugary “junk food” I feel __________.”

The first answers, within minutes:


tummy ache….like shit! (Amanda Boehmer)

….momentarily satisfied, then regretful. (Pia Neustadter)

….ill, bloated, slow, fat, and grouchy. (Tonya Craig)

….tired and irritated. (Christi Louderback)

….fat. (Janice Sandquist)

….happy for 5 seconds, then horribly bloated and heavy the rest of the day. (Eve Montalvo)

….pain in my joints. (Fame Sabo)

….fat, ugly, and sick—congested, sinus pain, ear plugging, and indigestion. (Elizabeth Ann)

….tired and sleepy. (Nicole Hartung)headache

….initially mmmmm, delicious and “emotionally satisfied,” then tired, cranky, headachy,

fake emotional satisfaction gone. (Mary Kuemmerle)

….like utter caca. (Nessa Nielsen)

….bloated. Bread kills me. (The Green Product Junkie)

….like death is upon me. (Kimberly Clymer)

….like garbage. (Jaime Jeroszko)

….grumpy, apathetic, lethargic. (Spears Oakley)keep-calm-and-no-junk-food

….sick! (Joyce Gratton, Elisa Bohannon)

….bloated, sleepy, no energy. (Pam Hurley)

….sick for days afterward. (Jamie Smith)