My green smoothie makes me……

hugger logoGSG rockstar employee Amy Jensen was new to green smoothies and whole foods when we hired her in the Spring. She’s also the new owner of a Blendtec. I think she gets up in the morning and hugs it. She’s a newlywed, and hoping to be a mama in the next year or two, so I’m excited we’re well underway brainwashing her for the benefit of her future children, as well as her!

She goes out on our facebook page and posts her gorgeous photos of her healthy green blender creations. Recently she asked our followers to fill in the blank:

My green smoothie makes me feel __________?

My next blog post will be our readers’ answers to how they feel when they eat a burger-fries-soda lunch! For now, these are some of the answers, which I hope inspire you! Who doesn’t want to feel ALL these ways, every day?

high vibration…..high vibration! (Kerri Price)

….satisfied and happy! (Terri Hays)

….like I’m on Cloud 9! (Elena Romero)

….youthful! (Carrie Rose)

….powerful! (James Smith)

….loved by myself! (Dianna Musselmann)

feel amazing….alive inside! (Leigh Browne)

….complete! (Dawn Lawrence)

….fresh! (Miseon Yang)

….renewed! (Nicole Dammert)

….awake! (Janice Sandquist)

….like I can do anything! (Joyce Stratton)powered by gs

….smart! (Cheryl Borkowski)

….awesome! (Berenice San Juan)

….that I care about myself! (Beth Nicely)

….fantastic! (Linda Powers)

….supercalafragalisticexpealidocious! (Tari Bryan)

….clean! (Kim Bennett)