Are nutritionists and dieticians sleeping with the enemy?

AND_Corporate_Sponsorship_ReportI often talk about how our health care system, and our food system (Big Pharma and Big Food), are Enemies #1 and #2 we have to ward against, if we want to protect our health. Once I wrote about attending a women’s retreat where a nutritionist taught a class and told mothers that their #1 nutrition goal should be to get their kids to drink as much milk as possible–if kids balk, just add Nestle Quik, she counseled.

Here, Kiera Butler went to the national convention of dietitians and nutritionists, and what she experienced there will shock you.

It sounds like the entire event was paid for and the content controlled by Big Food—McDonald’s, Hershey, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Dominos, SaraLee, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the Corn Refiners’ Association, and more. Some of the classes Kiera attended pitched to nutritionists that there’s nothing wrong with hybridized grains’ gluten (“gluten-free” is just a fad!), that GMO foods are wonderful and sustainable, and that there’s nothing worse about corn syrup than other sweeteners. Kiera’s conclusion:

circling the drain“Our national nutrition experts are in bed with Big Food. And we wonder why we’re fat.”

If we allow these industries to provide our food, making unthinking choices and telling ourselves that tomorrow we’ll do better, we’ll find ourselves in the grips of the other industry (Big Pharma). And pretty soon, we’re circling the drain.

Some of the ways we opt out of these industries? Supporting whole, unprocessed foods by buying them and learning how to use them and making them staples of our diet; staying out of the drive-thru; gardening and keeping heirloom seeds; educating our children and others by teaching classes and doing demos in our homes, churches, and communities; sharing green smoothies; learning to make cultured raw whole foods; thinking of a big salad as a main dish; eating more plants daily and choosing the green foods wherever you’re eating.