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The insanity of drug layering: where the medical profession has gone wrong, part 1 of 2

shirtMy friend Ben sent me this t-shirt photo.

“I take Metformin for diabetes, caused by the hydrochlorothiazide I take for high blood pressure, which I got from the Ambien I take for insomnia, caused by the Xanax I take for the anxiety, that I got from the Wellbutrin I take for chronic fatigue, which I got because I have high cholesterol…..”

I talk in this year’s lecture about the insanity of our health care system. Where it went wrong. It’s been co-opted not by the pharmaceutical industry, as you may think, but something worse than that. Your health care system has been co-opted by something far more insidious, and far less related to your health interests:

It’s the CHEMICAL industry. That’s who is behind the pharmaceutical industry. Its entire premise is this:

“If something is wrong with you, eat some chemicals.” (In the 1950’s, openly, Dow Chemical’s public marketing slogan was, “A better life through chemistry.”)

CHEMISTYou can call me “anti-doctor” if you want. I love doctors, individually, though, so it’s not true. Several are my good friends. They had great intentions to be healers when they went to school. One saved my life when I had internal bleeding due to a ectopic pregnancy and I nearly bled out during the night before the rupture was discovered and surgically repaired. One set my daughter’s broken arm. I’d want them, not an herbologist or naturopath, if I got in a car wreck.

Medicine does some amazing things very well and saves lives. I know lots of docs who are great at what they do. And they go home and pore over their books and through PubMed to help their patients, after hours.

But 85 percent of what they do, what is billable to insurance? It’s drugs. (Medicine used to be art and science, but it is far more codified than you may think–docs can do only what is in their book of billable insurance codes.)

DrugsAnd the premise is undeniable. I’ve made my bold statement in 28 cities so far this year on my lecture tour, that the agenda of our health care system, the vast majority of it, is now to feed people chemicals to make them whole. (Which makes no sense, and will never work.) Chemicals that the human body cannot metabolize, assimilate, or eliminate.

I usually have M.D.’s in my audience. No one yet has disputed my bold statement. Sometimes they talk to me afterwards. In my next blog,  I’ll share what an M.D. said to me after my Boise class.