Dementia and aluminum: every North American should know this

dementia treeMy grampa died with severe dementia, as did my former husband’s lovely grandfather. Both remembered no one in their later years, which was heartbreaking for their families. I’ve always wondered if my grampa’s was related to his massive exposure to DDT pesticide. Many of my family members including my dad worked in the family cherry orchards in the 60’s before that chemical was banned in the U.S., inhaling and even swallowing the pesticide. My sweet father seems to not be as mentally sharp as he once was, which worries me based on that past and that genetic connection.

aluminum-dark-side-fbThere is mounting evidence (none of it a landslide by any means) but quite a few case-study type pieces of research, showing that the brain malfunctions when aluminum builds up there. The human body does not easily eliminate heavy metals, so they tend to accumulate and cause all kinds of toxicity issues.

One thing I did 10 years ago was to stop using commercial deodorant. It’s scary at first, after a lifetime of thinking that you need to–but you can find something else that works at the health food store. Another thing I did is to remove my metal fillings in my mouth (replaced with much less toxic materials). I am careful not to breathe petrochemicals at the pump. I get back in the car and close the door.

Dr. Mercola covered this issue well, in a story about a case study that clearly documented massive aluminum toxicity in a man who died with severe  Alzheimer’s disease.

Some holistic-oriented M.D.’s practice in IV chelation to remove heavy metals, such as EDTA. My body can’t handle it, and the infusions burn and I nearly scream until they get the needle out of me. I prefer prevention whenever possible!