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Can you avoid fillings and regenerate your teeth?

Amanda teeth

Amanda Beutler and son Olin

Last Thursday night, I spoke to nearly 200 of my friends in Boise. Afterwards, signing books and talking with people, a beautiful woman named Amanda Beutler got to the front of the line and was crying before she even started speaking. At first, all she could say was, “Thank you.” She gave me a hug, took a few breaths, and told me this story that has had me jumping out of my skin with excitement, wanting to share it, ever since.

18 months before we met, she had taken her 6-year old son, Olin, to his first-ever dentist visit, to find that he had 6 cavities! The dentist insisted that she make an appointment at a hospital to put Olin under anesthesia for the surgery! She was uncomfortable with this and asked the dentist to wait.

She had the thought: “If the human body can heal, why can’t teeth?” What a genius question. An important question. As with cancer (where virtually everyone we know just follows Standard of Care, chemo / radiation), we don’t really KNOW what regeneration the teeth can experience, because nearly 100% of us just get the filling in our teeth. As someone who has recently been paying the price for the tons of sugar I ate in the earlier decades of my life, I have studied this issue in-depth, as I’ve paid a steep price for my metal fillings, later removed and replaced, and eventual failure of those teeth and materials. A filling is not the same thing as natural tooth dentin, no matter what material you use.

Biological dentists use non-toxic, or more accurately, less-toxic materials. (Traditional dentists use amalgam fillings with heavy metals, root canals that are possibly the scariest and most toxic medical procedure in modern Standard of Care, and toxic crown and implant materials containing heavy metals known to cause auto-immune conditions.) Biological dentists use different procedures and materials.

But every time we drill and fill teeth, we take those teeth closer to inevitable death. I have always wondered, is there another way? If so, how would we know? It would take someone opting out of that accepted system and doing something radically different. It would take a hero. Or heroine.

Amanda is an amazing mother. She spent three months researching intensively. She found, started feeding Olin green smoothies daily, and began implementing my 12 Steps to Whole Foods program in earnest. She wasn’t dabbling in it–she was implementing it in a very committed way.

Based on her internet research, Amanda also bought birch essential oil, and began having Olin swish with it daily.

I’m sure Amanda had learned that birch is a powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, stimulant, and warming agent, which brings regeneration. Unfortunately, because birch is difficult to grow and produce, it is produced in limited quantities.

The problem is, very frankly, I do not trust all sources you may search for online in buying these high-caliber oils. Companies selling essential oils that have less than 50% additives can label them “pure!” People who sell illegally online (which is everyone who is selling on eBay, in violation of contract, so already they are out of integrity)—may have re-bottled, watered down, or done anything else to what they call Birch oil.

I am intimately familiar with certain producer’s commitment to avoiding chemical solvents, avoiding adding ANY other ingredients, and performing multiple third-party lab tests for purity. So, unfortunately, this oil is expensive and difficult to find at best. However, write the GSG Coach in your area and tell her what you’d like, and we’ll make every effort.

In the meantime, I did a bit of research to find that Wintergreen is the oil that most closely matches Birch’s properties. You can obtain Wintergreen oil easily and inexpensively. I am going to begin using it in coconut oil, for oil-pulling effects, plus the regenerating effects of powerful plant-based medicine. (Wintergreen is one of the few oils not approved for consumption, so after you swish with it in your coconut oil for 20 minutes, first thing in the morning, you’ll want to spit it out.)

As I have done, Amanda studied the voluminous, compelling work of Dr. Weston A. Price, DMD. He believed that cavities could be healed after researching indigenous people, all over the world, who displayed no tooth decay. He compared these results to people in developed nations eating a processed diet.

Six months after implementing her self-designed protocol after studying the work of Dr. Price and GreenSmoothieGirl, Amanda and Olin returned to the dentist. He examined Olin’s mouth and turned to Amanda, completely baffled, and asked her how his cavities could be gone–filled in with hard, healthy dentin, in no need of fillings. He called his colleague in to see. All six of them were healed.

Dr.Weston Price

Dr.Weston Price

Amanda’s answer was, “Green smoothies!” She wrote me later to share this photo I’d asked for, and said, “Thank you so much, Robyn, for everything! You have helped to significantly change my family’s well-being!”

Amanda, let me thank you. I have wondered the same thing, myself: “If the human body can heal, can’t teeth repair themselves?” I think you are a heroine–going against the grain, and doing hard things, making sacrifices, to bless your little son’s life.

Little did you know you have now helped many others. I am ecstatic to share this story and try these things myself, with new confidence and hope. Very frankly, I want essential oil producers to share your story too, and I plan to share this with them!

Thank you for being brave and being a pioneer. Thank you for telling me what you did–I am so inspired!