49% of Brits don’t know diet affects cancer risk!

cancer-research-uk-1Is it possible that half of England doesn’t understand how their fried foods and sugar and alcohol contribute to cancer? We have seen a meteoric rise in cancer over the past 40 years since Richard Nixon declared war on it. This corresponds to the meteoric rise in the processed-food diet. Now 1 in 2 men, and more than 1 in 3 women, get cancer, in North America. But the World Health Organization predicts that the tidal wave of cancer diagnosis is actually yet to come.

cancer-mapWe have to correct course. This article says half of cancer cases are preventable via changing our diet (smoking is also a major contributor, in addition to poor diet). I don’t know why the other half are NOT preventable, or how that is determined. (It’s hard to isolate factors in an environment where 80,000 chemicals are approved for use in our food, products, manufacturing, and air/water.)

But take an eye-opening look at the map of diagnosed cancer—the countries where cancer is highest are those eating the toxic, processed modern diet: U.S., Canada, all of Europe, and Australia / New Zealand. Cancer is lowest in Africa, Central America, and some island countries, where they eat a mostly indigenous diet. The notable exception in Africa is the country of South Africa, colonized by and heavily influenced by Brits!

How much does this matter? It matters to every single individual. The toll on a human life of suffering with cancer is incalculable. Standard of Care’s protocol, all by itself, is one of the most miserable things a human being will ever live through, to hear cancer patients tell it. And if half of it is preventable? It’s worth it to share a message of detoxification, rebuilding the immune system, and starving out cancer with oxygen and pure nutrition. I love talking about the GSG Detox, a 26-day reboot to support health and clean garbage out of the gut, liver, kidneys, and other organs of elimination. I love that 3,000 people have done it since we released it last August. I’m doing it again, myself, right now. I never feel better than when I’m on the Detox. GreenSmoothieGirl Coach Dr. Mariza Snyder is doing it, herself, for the 4th time. She insists that friends and patients do it.

infrared saunaAbout the stuff we CAN’T control? The chemicals everywhere in our environment? The detox doesn’t just put you through a radical diet—it also introduces you to habits for a person living in an unnatural world. My favorite of which is the infrared sauna—have one in your house if you can.

And then, after you do the Detox, shift to a whole-foods, disease-preventative diet high in greens, vegetables, fruits, and other high-fiber, high-micronutrient foods like legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

In the detox’s 26-day reboot, and then by following 12 Steps to Whole Foods for life, plus some simple and easy self-care practices I teach you in these programs, you’ve got everything I’ve learned over 20 years, about how to be well in a sick world.

I hope you join us. Remember, green smoothies are an important first step—but just a first step!