Second Chance group buy! And, Why I Love Coconut Oil!

seconchanceWe’re doing a SECOND CHANCE group buy—with not only UNPASTEURIZED almonds, but also the best coconut oil I’ve ever tried, organic and cold pressed, silky and delicious—and for nearly $7/gallon less than our wholesale GROUP BUY price was. You don’t want to miss this. We may sell out before the event ends Mar. 31. We also have many of the items that were in our annual Fall group buy (like GSG nutrition products Buy Two Get One Free), but only while supplies last. Remember that you can mark up prices to gather orders from your network, and get your own food for free, using our forms, HERE.

This is national COCONUT OIL WEEK. (Not really. I just decided declared it so! But all week, on the blog, I’m going to educate you on this blog about the virtues of this amazing food that is far more than just a food. And ways to use it. There is a vast amount of data on the ways it benefits your health, that you really should know about. Medium chain fatty acids are critical for neurological health, and they’re found nowhere more plentifully than in unrefined tropical oils.

Uses for coconut oil are profound. These are my daily uses:

—the perfect moisturizer (my nightly moisturizer, and daily too, sometimes)

—the perfect butter / margarine / shortening replacer in baking (makes perfect baked goods)

—the perfect sauteing oil, as it does not create “trans fats” at high heats, like even olive oil does

—the perfect deodorant, in a small jar—even better to add baking soda and a very pure essential oil like lavender, wild orange, or peppermint.

—an incredible detoxifier when you use it for the powerful Ayurvedic tradition of “oil pulling,” a simple habit you do when you wake up, that may build bone density in the teeth and kill pathogens.

Coconut-Oil-GB-GallonI’ll teach you about all this and more, so stay tuned on my blog this week, at

Through the end of March, you can get in on a SECOND CHANCE GROUP BUY, because we rounded up MORE raw, unpasteurized almonds. That’s a FIRST—because usually, when we’re out on Nov. 30, we’re out for the year! What you buy in stores is NOT unpasteurized. They just say “raw” because they aren’t roasted. Our 25# boxes of almonds, directly from the grower, whom we have known and worked with personally for many years, have NOT been steam-pasteurized at high heats, nor irradiated, nor gassed. Make sure you FREEZE anything you’re not going to use in the next month or two.

Come back all week for more fun facts about coconut oil, which I believe slows aging of my skin, and also eliminated my wintertime cold fingers and toes circulation problem, when I started using it years ago.