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GreenSmoothieGirl Looking for Health Coaches In Your Area!

Coaches holding Robyn

Robyn and GSG Coaches

Want to be a GreenSmoothieGirl apprentice coach? We want you!

We’ve got 15 coaches in the U.S., certified and doing exciting educational events in the next several months, near you. If you’re looking for a career opportunity, fill out the application HERE and tell us about you! Since we launched the program 18 months ago, a handful of our coaches are making $100k to $200k per year  helping others, and quite a few others are making $2,000 to $6,000 a month already.

We’re looking for people who are on the journey with us, towards vibrant health and great nutrition. People who have a passion for helping others and who love to TALK ABOUT IT! Fill out the application and expect to hear from the GSG coach closest to your area. Learn more about our fabulous GSG coaches and our coaching program HERE.

As a GreenSmoothieGirl coach, you are helping us build communities and support around a mission to educate people about plant-based nutrition, and plant-based medicine.

If you’re interested in building a team that helps take American back from Standard American Diet, and Big Pharma, please let us know by checking out the opportunity, and filling out the application, HERE. Check out the experiences of GSG apprentice coaches Kandace (Missouri), David (SoCal/Florida), Megan (Tennessee), and Andrea (North Carolina), Melinda Slater (Utah), Brandi Ginn (Colorado).


Kandace Callwell

Kandace Callwell

“The Green Smoothie Girl Apprentice position has completely changed my life for the better. […] I have cured my sinus polyps (that previously required multiple surgeries to remove, as well as an arsenal of pharmaceuticals with horrible side effects just to manage), have regained my sense of smell and taste that I had lost 8 years earlier due to all my sinus issues. And I have removed all over-the-counter medication (including my once necessary daily allergy medication) from my house and life (thus saving tons of $!). Results were pretty immediate: weight loss (15 pounds in 6 weeks), drastic increase in energy, digestive/elimination stabilization/regularity, brain fog elimination, focus and attention increase, hormonal balance, and “hot flash/night sweats” disappeared. The changes in my life were enough to make a lifetime believer out of me on the powerful healing effects of plants.

The GSG Apprentice Coach position has allowed me to bring together a community of people in the Midwest, looking for more natural and effective solutions (which was desperately needed in this area of the country). The GSG message is so relatable, simple and affordable to most people, and allows those ready to work at their own pace. The platform has really allowed me to be able to speak with and have tools for people at whichever level they are ready. Previously, I had the knowledge, but not the appropriate means to channel it, and so I would often remain quiet about possible solutions to avoid seeming judgmental to others. It was difficult for me to watch others struggle with their health, while not having the means to break apart all of the information/knowledge that I had accumulated over the years to make it simple. Now, I have the resources, classes and support of some of the most amazing health advocates in the country, and through this opportunity, I have been able to touch the lives of so many amazing people looking for answers. After losing my mom to cancer and my dad to heart disease, I finally feel empowered. I love bringing awareness to people, as well as learning from everyone I meet. I feel like a little spark that is helping to spread the GSG light across the country. An extra bonus to spreading a message I am so passionate about is making an extra income!

We have established a wonderful community in Kansas City and surrounding areas, where we hold our basic classes, as well as monthly continuing education classes for our clients. This is a time where we learn so much from each other, and support each other as we all try to better ourselves physically and emotionally. After seeing the results of only doing this for a year, I just can’t wait to see what our future brings! We have the most compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, diverse group of team members who all love what we do and are always looking to grow (personally and professionally). We share information, ideas, and help each other with everything (and have so much fun while doing it!). I was recently told that one should surround themselves with the people that make them better, and truly these are the people who make me smile. One of us is always having an “aha!” moment to share. This is truly an opportunity of abundance, and I feel blessed to be a part of it.”

Kandace Callwell, Kansas City,MO

David Harrison

David Harrison

“Being a male Green Smoothie Girl Senior Apprentice has been an incredible experience.  When I started I was in fair health but not healthy.  I have had the great opportunity to associate with people like Robyn and Jeanette Fransen, my managing GSG coach, who have influenced me to change my life for the better.

Green Smoothies […] have truly helped me do a 180 in my life.  The smoothies have become a daily habit and […] have helped me deal with both physical and emotional issues that have been lingering for years.  This opportunity has helped me meet wonderful people who are interested in the same things I am; getting healthy and staying that way.  Even if that were the only reason to get involved, I would have jumped on board, but there is so much more.

There are incredible financial benefits you can experience as you share with others what you have come to love yourself.  I never would have thought that I could find something I loved doing and get paid for it.  The financial aspect is one like I have never before seen. I have fired my boss and now I work for myself and I am loving it.  I enjoy working with my team and empowering them to take control of their own health while teaching them how to share their knowledge so others can achieve physical, emotional and financial freedom simultaneously.

Green Smoothie Girl smoothies […] have helped me in so many ways.  In January 2014 I began a competition developed to help people reach optimal health physically and mentally.  After the holidays I needed to get in shape.  I began making smoothies in the morning, eating greens and raw veggies for lunch and snacks, and instead of a “sweet” treat at night, I enjoyed another smoothie.  This  […]  resulted in an  amazing 20 lbs. loss in just 4 weeks and I feel GREAT! I have also been able to maintain my weight loss while traveling 3 weeks out of the month.  If I can do it on the road, anyone can do it from home.

I would love to share more of my experiences and testimonials with you so please do not hesitate to contact me. If you live in the Florida or Southern California area, I offer classes regularly and I would love for you to join us.  I look forward to talking to you and helping you get started on this life-changing journey.

David Harrison, SoCal and Florida

megan reeves2

Megan Reeves

The Reasons Why Being a GSG Apprentice Coach Is The #1 Blessing in my Life

Health: I look and feel better than ever! […] I was chronically sick and always fatigued, despite leading a generally healthy lifestyle that included being a (mostly raw) vegetarian, regular exercise, yoga and meditation. In 2012, I started keeping a calendar of good days vs. bad because I felt so sick and run-down, and I actually logged more “bad” days than healthy feeling, energized one

I’m super driven and people kept telling that I needed to do less and rest more, but didn’t work for me.  […]. I rarely get sick , I hardly ever am in a bad mood or feel fatigued, and I’m actually doing more in my life than ever before.

3.  My life is a vibrant community of health advocates and people on a holistic, healing path! The people in my  […] family are spiritual, deep, talented, bright, and dedicated to improving themselves and the world around them. They are some of my very best friends and favorite people! My life is filled with people who know how to eat well, live well, and treat others well. What a huge blessing!

4.  Financial Expansion: Let’s be honest, money is also important because it equates to freedom and brings about the opportunity to have the lifestyle you truly desire. It gives people choices and increases their ability to thrive. I have a business degree in Finance and HR and have spent the past 9 years working my way up the corporate ladder with great success. However, no six-figure job will ever compare to what this GSG opportunity can offer.

I taught four classes over Christmas and got a check the following week that covered my (expensive) rent and then some (so naturally I treated myself to a day at the spa!). This is a GOLDEN opportunity with a tried and true path to success, all you need is the motivation to learn and take action. It’s not necessarily easy, but it is simple and there are people doing it earning $10k – $30k a month in as fast as a year. Every person has the same opportunity to create this for themselves. I am well on my way there, but an even bigger gift, is that I am helping my friends/family/and downline create financial abundance for themselves too. One of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes is “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

5.  Personal Growth: This is a dig-deep type of opportunity for people who have grit. It takes a willingness to jump in and get going, while continuing to learn and grow as a person and a professional. If you take this on, you are assuming a CEO role and running a growing organization –  recruiting, training, coaching others, leading a team, giving feedback, mediating conflicts, managing different personalities, as well as learning about […] health, nutrition, and business model. Plus, you’ll be figuring out and refining efficient ways to use your time, talents, and energy. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is TREMENDOUSLY rewarding and holds a lifetime of positive payback for those who bring their A-game to fully show up and commit.

Megan Reeves, Nashville, TN

Andrea Morgan

Andrea Morgan

“Before finding GreenSmoothieGirl, I was a different person. I have since followed the blog, 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and the GSG Detox. Now I am 80 pounds lighter (maintained without counting calories) and have found a confidence in myself that I didn’t have before.

Even more than the physical changes are the changes that have come from being a part of the GSG team. Not only have I, personally, spent time learning alternative health practices, but I have met like-minded people who are also on this path. People who have become friends and colleagues. In addition, I have made enough income to replace the online job I had for three years with a rewarding and fun alternative.

I’ve morphed into a leader to help my team reach more successes. Keeping up with a growing team has pushed me to be better organized so that I can train people in very different locations, even flying to new places to offer support. It is a fabulous wellness and career journey we are taking together. Come join us!”

Andrea Morgan Winston Salem, NC

Melinda Slater

Melinda Slater

“My experience as an apprentice coach on the green smoothie girl team has been fantastic.  Robyn reaches large numbers of like-minded health driven individuals looking to improve their health.  The beauty of the apprentice program is not only does your health improve, but we also have the opportunity to change our financial future and help others do the same, with effort.  The products are amazing and sell themselves.

Unlike other things I have sold in the past, people WANT what we are offering them, and because of the GSG website, we are able to reach thousands of people looking for what we are offering.  I co-teach several of the classes taught by the GSG team and I am so impressed by the quality of the education, and of the people I get to work with.

My journey to health has led me to be a firm believer in whole food nutrition and plant-based medicine being the perfect solution to maintaining my healthy lifestyle.  But it was not an easy journey.  For 14 years, I had 5 children and was constantly battling my weight and looking for the “right diet.” I would starve myself and lose a few pounds and then go crazy and gain it all back.  You know the drill.  I read every diet book.  My weight struggles were a constant drag on my emotions and health.  I developed heart problems at the age of 34 and was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat among other serious health conditions.  I was denied coverage by several health insurance companies and would go to sleep at night afraid that I would not wake up.

I learned about whole foods and green smoothies, and finally found the key to achieving my optimal weight. I lost 40 pounds, have kept it off for over 4 years, and finally feel like I am living the life I was meant to live.  I feel better now than I have for 20 years.  I have the privilege of working closely with Robyn (we lived 3 blocks apart for several years) and know that she is inspired in this mission of teaching people how to achieve optimal health.  Her life’s work is a tool that can benefit everyone.

I love the opportunity I have to know her and to help others find their way to health.  I believe wholeheartedly that the GSG approach to health is the ticket to feeling good.  Without it I would still be sick and depressed.  No
thank you! I have a passion for health and spreading the GSG message.  I know that I will never let myself fall back into the standard American diet. I love beautiful whole foods and finally feel alive!

Thank you Robyn for changing lives every day!  I go to bed knowing that I will wake up in the morning and feel good and be able to be here for my family and friends.  There is no price tag I can put on that feeling.”

Melinda Slater, Lindon, Utah

brandi Ginn

Brandi Ginn

“My time as a GSG Senior Apprentice has been filled with wonderful experiences. In the past year I’ve been blessed by the people I work with, created additional income, and had the opportunity to travel.

I’m so thankful for the gift to work with my GSG coach (Dr. Barbara Jennings) who teaches me more and more every day, for other apprentices who are willing to help, and the encouragement this opportunity has given me to become a better person. I’ve been grateful for the medical doctor who’s joined my team because of his belief in merging holistic health practices with western medicine. And the Ayurvedic specialist whose passion is healing from within on so many levels. Without this program to teach as a GSG apprentice, I never would’ve been in a position to work with them.

As an apprentice I value the wealth of information we can learn from others on this journey to better health, for the sincere business opportunity which has allowed me to create my own life, and the path I’m now on towards a healthy, radiant and prosperous life. Thank you Robyn!”

Brandi Ginn Longmont, CO