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A Very Sobering Video, Take 6 Minutes of Your Life to Watch It

After you spend 6 minutes watching this, I wonder if you would be changed by spending another 6 minutes thinking about the culture we live in, the values we’ve adopted, and your own feelings about it? I don’t talk about vegetarianism. Why? Because I don’t mind a little free range poultry, or wild-caught fish, or organic beef in the diet. (Pork, OMG, please, no. Processed meat of any kind–sorry. Call me radical, NO.) Because it alienates people. I’d rather focus on helping you EAT MORE PLANTS.


[Dear GSG readers. I apologize but this video has been removed from the You Tube link due to a copyright claim, so we can no longer access this video.]


But THIS is how the vast majority of the meat you buy shows up on the plate.

And at the end, we see what the result is. Totally worth 6 minutes of reflection.