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GSG’s CSR Linda on TV, Teaching Green Smoothies!

Linda - CS

Linda Carrington, Apprentice GSG coach, and Customer Service Representative.

Check out our apprentice coach who double-times as our customer support rep, Linda Carrington, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on TV demonstrating a green smoothie with one of our favorite essential oils, Wild Orange, HERE.

Linda has helped tremendously with the group buy–her first year doing it, and she’s been so amazing. She’s cheerful and positive and kind to our customers, and we love her. (I tell everyone who works in customer support my philosophy of that function: the customer isn’t always right. But regardless of how they treat us, we are unfailingly respectful to them. They honor us with their presence on our site, and at our classes.)

wild orangeThanks for sharing what you know with the world, Linda!

You can view Linda’s up coming classes in the news story–and if you rest the cursor on Michigan when viewing the map on this page:

Don’t pay retail prices for fabulous Wild Orange essential oil. It’s an inexpensive way to boost your energy in the daytime, and calm you at night (one of those brilliant “adaptogenic” substances!).

Talk to Linda at for a wholesale price.