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If only adults knew what this 3rd grader does!

Science experimentsI love science experiments. I did one with my Cub Scout related to an email that has gone around for years, saying that microwaved water kills plants. We sprouted seeds in vinegar water, sugar water, microwaved water, filtered water, and tap water. The microwaved water did the BEST. (I’m not advocating for microwaves here—microwaving is bad, regardless!–I’m just saying, sometimes we should test things before believing them.)

We had a reader’s son do a test on the xZubi Disc we sell (we’re offering an incredible sale in early 2014). He showed that a plant grew next to a cell phone equipped with a xZubi Disc, but died next to a plant with the same unprotected cell phone.

This little 3rd grade girl shows us some really interesting things about conventional versus organic sweet potatoes, and what happens when a farmer treats his crop with a chemical whose brand name is Bud Nip, and how “washing it off” doesn’t help. It’s surprisingly worth 2.5 minutes of your life.

Thanks to my best-friend-since-7th-grade, Laura, for sending me this. She’s doing the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox with a buddy, despite their not being into our oddballs-rejecting-mainstream-stuff movement at all, and doing great after a couple days of coffee-detoxing caffeine headaches.