Post holidays, 5 REASONS to Join the GSG Detox…..starts Jan. 5!

Detox FS UpgradeIf you order Full Support, or Manual Only, by Jan. 4, you still have ONE DAY to prep. That’s because we send you the manual via email immediately, while you wait for it to arrive in the U.S. or Canadian mail. Read or watch my short video HERE about why I spent almost 3 years developing this 26-day program, and what people who have done it say about it.

Reason #1 to join the GSG detox that we all start, together, on Jan. 5? Do you suffer with feeling  jittery, anxious, or depressed? Clearing toxic chemicals from your brain and other tissues normalizes the autonomic nervous system.

Reason #2. Do you have some holiday pounds to lose? The average detoxer lost 12-13 lbs in just 26 days. When you provide nothing but clean fuel, the body’s fat-burning system goes into hyper-drive.

Reason #3. Do you want more energy? The body expends 65% of its energy in digesting food. Not only are you lightening that load as you follow the menu, but you’re also increasing energy and flushing out the various organ elimination systems. You’re tuning them up and making them more sensitive and more responsive!

Reason #4. Do you have blood sugar issues? Fluctuations in mood and energy can be the result of insulin resistance, and eating sugar, or large meals. This fluctuation takes us steps closer to diabetes. During the detox, insulin sensitivity improves.

sign up nowReason #5. Is your blood pressure too high, and your cardiovascular markers getting problematic? We’re eating nourishing plants, flushing the colon and liver, eating no salt and drinking lots of fluids, and doing a number of detoxifying activities as well. Those practices sweep millions of cells for excess sodium, cholesterol, uric acid, and many chemicals that don’t belong there. Consequently you feel clean and look younger, and often blood pressure will decrease and normalize!

You can read HERE some of this year’s August detoxers telling you exactly these things that they experienced.

You’ve got just a little time left to sign up for the LIVE GSG Detox…..we all start on Jan. 5!