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I love me some Franky!

frankincenseAddicted to it. Can’t run out of it! Verging on panic when I discovered I was out, recently, I sent an employee to doTERRA’s store to get me more. I rub it into the soles of my feet every single day.

I literally haven’t gotten sick once, in years.

And even though it’s an utterly precious oil ($93 retail, $70 if you get it wholesale through, doTERRA’s FRANKINCENSE is free this month for anyone ordering 200 PV. The most popular promotion of the year!

I know people who’ve been waiting to sign up in doTERRA just because they heard you get a free Franky in December! We’ve all been waiting to see if they’d do it again this year, and……drum roll…’s official! Free frankincense for any $250 order!

Coach Judi will hook you up with the goods, and she does a great Wellness Consult with you on the phone, too, so talk to her about any challenges in your health that you’d like to work on:

home essentialsI suggest getting a Home Essentials kit to cover many needs in your cleaning, healing, and beauty needs. That will earn you a free frankincense! If you get on Loyalty Rewards Program, you’ll earn 30% off after a year, and you’ll accumulate lots of free product points.

Dr. David Hill, Chief Medical Advisor at doTERRA, suggests a handful of essential oils for everyday use. One of them is pure FRANKINCENSE on the soles of your feet, where you have more pores, per square inch, than anywhere else.

It helps decrease inflammation and support immune function (great to put a couple drops in a capsule and swallow it). Plus, it just has this earthy, grounded smell I am crazy about. As with so many essential oils, I literally feel energy shifts every time I use frankincense.

Check out this lady named Donna I met 4 years ago, who told me that she got rid of her melanoma cancer with frankincense (internally, topically, and injected). When I met her, she’d massively shrunk it in 12 days. She wrote me a year later and told me that frankincense caused it to die, fall out, and scar over.

Coach Allison, age 26, one of the 18 GSG coaches, says the same thing about arresting the growth of her brain stem tumor she had at age 13—her mother used whole plant foods, and frankincense.

Plant-based nutrition, and plant-based medicine, are a powerful combination to keep us well, without toxic side effects.

modersnContact to get some of my friend Franky at wholesale cost. Earn points for building up your arsenal of oils. You can make natural cleaning and laundry products, and you’ll have lots of options for emergencies that come up on a daily basis. Bee stings, cuts, cold and flu, skin problems, a need to detox, inflammation, mild mood disorders, and a thousand other things. We don’t tell you what to do, nor do we diagnose / treat / prescribe.

But doTERRA gives you solutions to discover those for yourself—and you can get a Modern Essentials book to look up how to use each one, and how to address various issues using essential oils.

I love that the plant kingdom has lots of amazing solutions to help us be well!