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Don’t Head Into Winter Without ON GUARD!

doTerra onguard beadletsI was so excited when doTERRA came out with On Guard beadlets. A lot of why I signed up in the doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program is related to what happened when I used ONE drop, ONE time, of On Guard on a cut-toe infection I got in the salon last year. That, and several other experiences, made a believer out of me. Of the efficacy of plant-based medicine…..added to my healthy lifestyle of plant-based nutrition.

Check out my video explaining it HERE.

Petri DishMicrobiologist Jennifer Eddins of Oklahoma University did a year of efficacy studies, growing MRSA in petri dishes. (Doctors and hospitals are terrified of MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant infection that kills weak people in hospitals after surgeries, intubations, or joint repairs.)

In her studies, modern medicine’s Standard of Care solution, Vancomycin, killed only 60-70 percent of the MRSA. (The 30 percent of MRSA remaining can still kill you!) (And, all antibiotics destroy healthy gut flora that is 80 percent of your immune system. It’s difficult to rebuild those colonies and recover your health after an antibiotic.)

But two drops of On Guard—which is a blend of 7 anti-microbial essential oils? 100 percent kill rate! Jennifer Eddins performed these lab studies over and over, with the same results.

This is exciting news for those of us who dream of a day when EVERYONE looks to natural substances as our primary solutions. Rather than toxic chemicals that alter the natural world in terrifying ways and virtually always have a list of scary, toxic side effects.

PeppermintDropletsMy college student kids have a bottle of On Guard in their dorm / apartment. My younger two keep a bottle in their rooms. The faster you get on a virus or infection, using your On Guard, the better! We use a beadlet, every 2 hours, at the first sign of aches, fever, or sore throat. This new delivery system is amazingly easy. (p.s. I also LOVE the peppermint oil beadlets–raise your vibration while freshening your breath. So much better than Tic Tacs or other sugary or chemically sweetened candy.)

We find that most infections are nipped in the bud and symptoms disappear, using On Guard. If the illness does “bloom,” it’s mild, and short in duration. can hook you up with wholesale pricing and will do a Wellness Consult with you on the phone. She is a national treasure–a wealth of knowledge.

In addition to providing my family clean-burning fuel without damage to the immune system, On Guard is my favorite solution to get through the winter without illness!