Would you gain weight if you ate an entire car full of spinach?

person veggieMy oldest son, Cade, 20 years old, came over to chat for a while and tell me about his luck with the ladies, a few days ago. We were shooting the breeze and had this completely pointless conversation, related to whether or not he has gained weight, since moving out into his first apartment away from home:

Me:  I’m not saying you’re fat! I’m saying you’ve filled out a little.

Cade:  I weigh the same as I did when I lived here. In fact, I think all the vegetables and green stuff you made me eat probably made me fatter.

Me:  Not possible. Raw veggies CAN’T make you fatter.

Cade: Of course they can!

Me: No, they can’t. Seriously. If you ate greens from the minute you woke up till the minute you went to bed, you would LOSE weight.

Cade: Give me a break, Mom. That isn’t true. If you ate lots of big bowls full, you would get fat.

Huge bowl of spinachMe: No. If you ate your entire CAR full of spinach, every day, you would actually lose weight. It has basically no calories, and no fat, but greens have tons of vitamins and minerals and stuff.

spinach factsCade: [laughing like I am totally ridiculous]

Me: Here, let’s Google it.

I Googled “how many calories does spinach have?” On the screen, what popped up was this:

A serving is a cereal bowl full of spinach, and it has–wait for it—SEVEN CALORIES.

Me: Yeah. See? How many servings do you think you could eat in a day? If you ate all day long.

Cade: Oh, like a hundred?

popeye spinachMe: Ooh, burn! That’s 700 calories. You would lose a ton of weight!

He laughed and let me win. (I have let him win many times. Especially when the subject is sports!)

That’s nutrient density. The only foods you can eat in unlimited quantities, with ZERO fear of one single bad thing happening to you—the nutrient dense foods. Low calorie, high micronutrients. Guess what else they’ve got? Tons of fiber, high vibrational frequency, and quite a bit of protein!

Greens and vegetables and sprouts top the list of nutrient-dense foods. Put them on your plate with RECKLESS ABANDON!