Pick a cover for my new book!

Cover #2
Cover #2
Cover #1
Cover #1

How do you like them? Two designers submitted concepts here. I’m conflicted, since I like some things about each! Shana in NYC is the designer of the retro illustrations covers (she’s the artist who did our original GSG branding). Amber in Utah did the second cover that features the GSG avatar sitting on fruits and veggies.

Please Vote for Cover #1 or Cover #2! (Shana has done BOTH book covers for my two new books releasing Jan. 1.)

Remember you can get tickets HERE for my 2014 speaking tour–where everyone who attends gets their choice of one of these $19.95 books.




Shanna’s cover for my second book.










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  1. Definitely Cover #2. The photo of real food is beautiful without the “avatar” sitting on the food photo. I am not a fan of the Retro designs or the new Retro girl of your new overall website. I think it depicts/represents a female that isn’t warm at all but rich and demanding instead of a loving individual encouraging people to eat better. It reminds me of “I dream of Jeanie” or whatever that show was called. Also, the art looks like a knock off of Jerry Seinfeld’s wife’s cookbook (Deceptively Delicious). Just my opinion. Can’t wait for the new books. Also, can’t wait for your cancer book.

  2. I can definitely see how it’s a close call!
    I love the picture of real food on #2. It looks so beautiful, and would be especially attractive to those who aren’t used to eating this way. They need to see the food looking so wonderful to entice them to open the book.
    But I really like the fact that #1 displays a visual of “the real world.” Anytime you can take a concept and show it visually is a big plus.
    If I were designing the book, I’d take #1 and add a picture of the food to the bottom, instead of the green. In other words, replace the bottom green color block with a picture of the food. Then your name goes on top.

    1. Well-spoken. I voted for #1 as well, but totally agree with your comment about the real world scenarios depicted on the cover.

  3. Robyn, thanks for asking our opinions! I prefer cover #2 because it’s easier to “read” at a quick glance. The person looking at the second cover knows right away what the book is about. I think it’s important to get someone’s attention fast, before they lose interest (in this very distracting time)!

  4. Tough one! #1 matches your other book, but I do like the beautiful fruits and veggies on #2. #2 jumps out at me more if I were looking in a bookstore, however maybe that’s not the way you sell most of your books.

  5. Cover #2 – I was immediately drawn to it, and would buy it! Cover #1 is nice, but doesn’t have the same punch or vibration as that great pile of produce on #2! Good luck with the book Robyn whichever cover you choose!

  6. Cover #1 – It catches your eye quickly and is very well done. It goes well and stays with the same theme for the second book.

  7. I vote for cover number 2 due to the color and vivid produce (which is the whole point of the book, right?). Plus, cover 1 looks too much like your other book, which you would (in my opinion) want to have its own recognition rather than have another that looks like it and risk the chance of it being confused with your new book at first glance. Thanks for asking our opinion! Can’t wait to read it!

  8. Cover #2 definitely is more eye catching, and will “pop” on the book shelves. #2’s cover proudly proclaims health and nutrition and luscious eating; #1’s message is more confused–am I a travel book? a “how to make money” book? What kind of book am I?

  9. I like that cover #1 matches your other book, but I love cover #2! I love the real food picture and everything else about it!

  10. Since this book is about eating there should be food on the cover like #2. Book #1 looks like a book for young women only. Good eating is important for all people, men, women, young, and old. I think a book cover is the best marketing tool for inspiring someone to pick up a book, once in their hands a good index is next.

  11. I like both, but #1 is my choice. I feel this cover coveys the entire concept; savings, eating healthy while traveling and dinning out and time constraint recipes.

  12. I like the look of cover #2 but honestly feel like more will relate with the pics of cover #1. It answers what the book is about and that’s what people are looking for…answers to help them. I vote #1

  13. I agree with others about the picture of the food, it looks like something I would grab off a shelf to see what it was. The other looks more like a school book….and I don’t gravitate towards those. 🙂 I also think it would be neat if the two books had similarities so I would know, when looking for YOUR books, that they were both yours….the way others do for books in a series. Makes it easier to find on a shelf. Overall though, I would vote for #2! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful information with us.

  14. I prefer cover #1. This cover shows my life; I’m on the go, talking to people, working, traveling, etc. I like cover #2, but as soon as I see it, I immediately think, “How are the fresh foods going to fit in my busy lifestyle?” Leading me to the thought “that’s going to be too hard,” and I move on instead of getting the book and reading it. Cover #1 exemplifies the challenges that I live, every day. Since I find more in common I would be more likely to open the book to find out what I need to do to keep my lifestyle and eat healthy. (I prefer the design treatment of the title of the book on cover #2.) Cover #2 also follows a design style you seem to be going with for the 2nd book. This leads me to ask a question only you would answer for your company: do you want these two books to be branded together and sold together – or do you want them to have their own identities and sold separately?

  15. If you are reaching out to a new audience, folks who don’t know anything about green smoothies or Green Smoothie Girl, then I like cover #1. On cover #2, the words “Eat Right” and “Real World” are the focus, but on cover #1, you see more of the “HOW TO” part. People like how-to books.

  16. I love the pic of the fruits and veggies, but the title on cover #2 gets lost, unfortunately. I’d say #1 as the Title is easier to see and that’s what I’m looking for. I agree that both have great points so if you still have time to incorporate some of each to make a master cover, that would be ideal. Just make the title easier to read on cover #2 and that would be very desirable.

  17. Both are nice! Cover #2 is freshly appealing–but is missing your logo (which I think is important to positively & immediately identify the book with you.) GSG is growing in popularity but still not (at least in the Eastern US) familiar enough that the GSG image alone will identify it with GSG. You need “Green Smoothie Girl” written clearly somewhere on cover #2.

    For that reason I vote for #1. Otherwise, I’d vote for #2.

    (Also, if it were me making the decision–hey, you asked!–I’d use cover #2 for the first book and add “Green Smoothie Girl” somewhere on the cover and then I’d change the colors of the second book cover to the colors on cover #1. They’re more appealing. In fact, if the designer would create illustrated images for the second book like she did the first book, it’d look more appealing and professional in my opinion. Her graphic illustrations are great!!

  18. I would say cover #2 wins in my book. Nothing can beat the eye-catching beauty of real food!! On a completely different note, you said that anyone who comes to your lecture in 2014 gets a choice of one of the new books, does that mean we can buy the other one if we’re interested in both?

    1. Britni, yes, both books will ALSO be for sale only at the events. In case you want more for gifts, and/or you want the other one.

  19. I VOTE FOR #2….and agree with all the reasons mentioned, especially that this shows a more friendly, warm GSG, as we have come to know you are! I, too, find your new website design not as friendly and easy to maneuver in as the prior one…just saying!)

  20. Cover #2 works the best for me. Both have pleasing graphics, but the important information “On a budget, with Limited Time, …” reads much more clearly as staggered bullet points.

  21. Love Cover #2 – it catches the eye, looks extremely professional, carries the fun mood of your other branding, and just says “buy me!”

  22. my vote is for Cover #2 – as a picture is worth a thousand words : the pretty picture of fruit and veggies gives a clear message “eat these !!”

  23. #2. I like both but the first looked a little like a report to me, and #2 looked more like a real book. I think it’s the font and that it’s bigger on the second cover that makes a difference. I love them both though and would – will – get the book for sure. Koodos to the designers!! They’re both awesome!
    This book is so needed Robin! The more ideas people have about how to keep it healthy in the real world, the easier it is to do. Can’t wait to get a look at your kid book too. I hope it’s filled with ways to entice those picky eaters to try and get to like healthier foods. Keep up the good work, and congrats on publishing again!

  24. At first, I was drawn to the fresh veggies on cover 2, Then I realized that cover 1 really tells me what the book is about, which I love. Plus, I love the way the two book covers go together (with number 1, I mean). They’re both great, but I prefer number 1.

  25. I like the fact that #1 looks a lot like the cover for your other book, but I have to say my vote is for #2. It’s a lot more colorful and one I would pick up if I saw both on the shelf at a bookstore. Go for #2!

  26. At first I went straight to 2 but the more I looked, I like number 1 better with the pictures of busy life. If she could get the avatar sitting like number 2 that would be awesome! Good luck choosing and congratulations!!!

  27. #2!!! The bright veggies make me want to go out and buy some right now! And the tag lines “on a budget, limited time, traveling& in restaurants” jumps out instantly. I didn’t even see it on the other one until I went back and reviewed it a third time. Can’t wait for you to be back in Des Moines!! I loved your first speaking event here!

  28. Robyn, i was trained as graphic designer. I think definetely #2. You glance at a book and can tell right away what’s it about. you can not do it with #1.

  29. I was immediately drawn to the one with the 3 women in black. What were they doing? So I stared for a while, then looked at the title. I looked at cover 2, but didn’t stay there long, I went back to cover 1. Gotta vote for COVER #1.

  30. Cover #1 is more cohesive and gets my vote. There are elements of #2 that are nice, but everything has equal weight visually in that design, and why I think #1 has more impact.

  31. Number 2 catches the eye. The colors are good and the writing is simpler ! It’s more clean lined and not as busy.

  32. I think #1 gives an overall idea about what it is to have many commitments in life but still needing to eat well so we can get it all done.

  33. I like both, but a male on the cover of #1 broadens the invitation of what to eat everywhere. I agree #2 is a more attractive cover with the picture of real food. My vote is for #1.

  34. Yep, #2! Immediate identification with you, wording is easy to read at a glance and the big bold colors are gorgeous and draw one in!

  35. Cover #2! No question about it. Bright colors, your logo girl pop out. That bright photo of veggies makes me want to eat healthy…and get the book!

  36. I prefer #2. I love the bright colors showing all of the fruits & vegetables on Cover #2.
    (However, I prefer the title arrangement in #1.)

  37. In my humble opinion it’s Cover #2…..hands down! This is a serious subject to be taken seriously and the cartoonish look of cover #1 takes away from that. I therefore like the real photos on the kids’ book cover as well…..or develop a look-and-feel like cover #2 for that book as well. Best of luck! Hope to see you soon in Knoxville or Nashville!

  38. I will also go with cover # 2. Love the picture of all the fruits and veggies. It jumped out at me right away as something I would be interested in reading. However, I have the same opinion as “M” does about the avatar.

  39. #2–shows “real food” on cover which to me goes with the “real world”…….jumps out at you more too, in my opinion.

  40. Cover # 2 is somuch more eye catching. I myself would not take a second look at a book with the # 1 cover in a book store.The number 1 cover is boring.

  41. I echo the comments of ME below to a T. She hit the nail on the head.

    “I can definitely see how it’s a close call!
    I love the picture of real food on #2. It looks so beautiful, and would be especially attractive to those who aren’t used to eating this way. They need to see the food looking so wonderful to entice them to open the book.
    But I really like the fact that #1 displays a visual of “the real world.” Anytime you can take a concept and show it visually is a big plus.
    If I were designing the book, I’d take #1 and add a picture of the food to the bottom, instead of the green. In other words, replace the bottom green color block with a picture of the food. Then your name goes on top.”

  42. Can’t see whre to vote. so will vote here. The cover #2, shows you setting with the green smoothie, verrrry good. Makes me smile of course My name is Harrel and I am a male. I have followed you for years. Like your story. One of the best practical sites for health on the internet. Thanks, keep up the good work

  43. I am going with #2. In a crowded bookstore it would stand out. The cover is clear and simple. The words and message stand out.

  44. Book cover #2 wins hands down. It’s colorful and really catches your eye. It explains what the book is about without even opening it up. And it has your cute green smoothie girl logo. I can’t wait to read it! I treasure your 12 Steps To Whole Foods. I have health problems from years of eating the SAD diet. Thanks for all of the years of your research!

  45. I like cover number 2. And this is why: I buy alot of books and the colors of the fruits and veggetables are eye appealing. If I’m skimming over covers in a store with a little time…#two would catch my eye. I like how the name *pops* as well….”EAT RIGHT….REAL WORLD” and the woman is smiling. Eating right should be fun…not drudgery. Number 1 just looks like a book of information. Number 2 is fun, exciting…like you!

  46. I love cover two. I love coming in from the gardens with loads from fresh beautiful produce or when I come home from the farmers market. This book cover is all about that feeling; fresh, beautiful, healthy produce for your and your families bodies. I vote for #2.

  47. Love #1!! It shows the icon of real world which I think is what you are going for. #2 is pretty as well but it is more general maybe for just recipe book? Not a big fan of the new cover for “How to raise healthy eaters” It is not eye pleasing, almost like 2 designs are clashing together. The pictures of the cute kid and the one with the hands in the picture just making it looking older. I’m your big fan and I’m so happy we can participate in helping you choose 🙂

  48. Cover #2 for sure!
    Instantaneously drawn to it!!! Subconsciously fresh produce always feels right and what the body and the eyes are drawn to.

  49. As a graphic designer, I find Cover #2 much more appealing, inviting and eye catching. It tells the story at a glance without having to discern what the figures in the other cover are doing. Kudos to the designer.

  50. I like cover 1 because it includes a guy, and “real life” pictures, but I don’t care for the cover for the raising healthy eaters. So, I vote for cover number 2. The colors are great!

  51. I like cover #2 as you know right away it is about healthy eating from the photo, but I think the words “How to” and “In the” should be bolder or a darker color so you can read them easier. 🙂

  52. Cover #1. Number 2 is pretty, but it is also boring. I would glance at it, decide that I knew what was in it because there are a million health food books with fruits and veggies on the cover, and walk on by. Number 1 was attention grabbing and made me stop and read what it was about.

  53. Cover # 2 is much better. The other cover (#1) is confusing as I had to look at each box and figure out how it related to the title. You only have a second to get a reader interested and #2 told a compelling story instantly.

  54. Cover 2 because it is more visually descriptive about what you want the reader to know. All the black on #1 seems a little like a cartoon, gives me a negative feeling, and doesn’t convey the message of eating healthy to me visually.

  55. #2 looks fantastic. Food photos win over graphic drawings. Would love to see the whole title easier to read and not just those four words.

  56. I like #1 simply because I think it will draw the non-greens moothie crowd to it because of its graphics. If you throw too many veggies at them right away you might loose them. (Speaking from a former non-green smoothie person.)

  57. I like both as well and initially went with #1. But after looking more closely, I think #1 is better since it reflects more aspects of the title and theme of your book. Also, fruits/produce is a common image used in many health books. Cover #1 goes away from that and still creatively represents your book well. 🙂 HTH!

  58. Initially on opening the email the #2 cover caught my eye and it made me want to read it more closely. The #1 does communicate “real life” situations a bit more, but it made me think of traveling more than eating. I think you’ll get people interested in the food right off the bat with #2, but the title could be a little darker color and the “how to” and “in the” are kind of lost being that pale grey. But if you leave both just as is, I’d say #2 is the best bet simply because it is the most initially eye catching.

  59. Cover #2 – It’s eye-catching and to the point! (Although Cover #1 would be good if you were planning on writing a ‘set’ of books with slightly different themes that could be grouped and sold together as a ‘set’ since it’s similar to book #2)

  60. #2 – I like that it features fresh fruit and veggies, because that’s what you’re all about! I also think that “How To” and “In The” and “by Robin Openshaw” should be in darker ink (your name is so light, it is hard to read).

  61. ** Cover #2 definitely it is more ‘colorful’ and an ‘eye catcher’ for your New Book to be released shortly! Know I’m highly creative & good with color, designs, a former Interior Decor Consultant also.

  62. I really like cover 2, but you should go with cover #1 because most adults are visual first and the pictures give them a quick overview and they can quickly discern which is applicable to them.

    Cover #1

  63. Number 2. It is eye catching. It looks fresh and healthy. It quickly convey’s to the reader what the book is all about without even reading anything. Your book may only get a 2 second glance and you need it to scream pick me! I’m healthy! The second book does that.

  64. I was initially drawn to the lettering of number 1, however I like the real food and the girl on cover 2. Cover two just doesn’t stand out as much on a shelf.

  65. I like cover 2 but if you’re second book will have that cover it makes more sense to go with cover 1 on the first book. They have the same design and people will relate and recognize them easier, like a series.
    Cover 1 for me looks like a novel cover, cover 2 is more obvious that is a healthy food related book because of the photo (and I like the cherries in the corner and the tomato)
    Sorry but I don’t like at all the cover of the second book. Its too simple (is like a kid drew it in photoshop with that shade of purple and the stars, and I love purple) and those photos are not the best.
    I was onest, sorry if I ofended anyone.
    Vote is for cover 2.
    Best wishes.

  66. Cover #2! Cover #1 makes me stressed just looking at all the activities…Cover #2 makes me feel much more relaxed at eating right, that I can actually enjoy myself and not be in a frenzy trying to feed my family healthy things on a tight budget.

  67. Cover #2….Love the “Green Smoothie Girl” cartoon character with all the fresh fruits and veggies….great eye-appea…..l

  68. Cover #2…I love the colorful food.
    But I didn’t see the small words “How to” and “in The” right away, they get lost being vertical.
    Try them horizontal just above the Title words.

  69. #2 is what caught my eye first and drew me in immediately, which is the main purpose of a book cover. So that is what has my vote.

  70. absolutely #2 – instantly grabs your attention – cleaner visually, brighter, and eaiser to read – also more immediate recogition of “greensmoothiegirl” for those in the know but then you have the fruits and vegetables which are your backbone so to speak for those who are unfamiliar – the title spells out the money, time, and travel aspects so you don’t need to see pictures representing those – it is also friendlier – looks great:)

  71. Sorry, but #1 is ugly! There is no contest! #2 is eye-catching, and a book that I would want to buy and read. Definitely #2!

  72. Still #1. For the same reasons. It says visually what you are trying to convey in words. It is striking, interesting, graphic. It looks better without the spotlights on top. I would not buy book #2 based soley on cover. As a photographer the fruit picture leaves the eye wandering. Lack of subject in image even though it is full of fruit. It just is not a strong image.

      1. I agree. The fruits look good, but #1 lets you know what you are going to learn if you buy the book. Put the beautiful food photo inside after we learn what the journey is going to be. #1 hands down!

  73. Cover #2 easy & fast to read. You can figure out what is has to do with right off the bat- food. The colorful fruits & veggies are enticing.

  74. Cover #2 is the best! Fruit and veggies say a lot about Robyn’s whole food diet and add eye-catching color. Number 2 is the cover I would be drawn to first.

  75. If I had to pick with no edits…….#1
    Being a graphic designer myself for over 15 years, I see the good in both designs but #2 has basic design flaws that turn me back to #1. If you choose #2 it needs tweaking before press run.

  76. Definitely cover 1. My teenage daughter would pick up a book with cover 1 but not one with cover 2. I would gladly read either!!!

  77. I like cover #2; the design and layout is more eye-catching. However, I do like the idea of showing how people are busy and such in the real world, but I’d still say #2 overall.

  78. After reading the comments, I reevaluated my original response of Cover 1 since the majority of answers were for Cover 2. I have looked more closely at both covers and still stand strongly behind my original choice of Cover 1, for the following reasons: Since most of us are in a rush as we scan book covers, Cover 2 says, at first glance, Eat Right, Real World, which would lead the reader to possibly assume it is a book telling “the world” to “eat right”, which, although subversively IS part of the book’s message, the REAL message is HOW to Eat Right in the Real World, which is what we are all looking for and is more clear on Cover 1. However, I feel even more strongly about the fact that Cover 1 would be more appealing to a WIDER audience because it includes a male caricature on the front. Cover 2 does not address that portion of the population, which in my opinion, is a mistake. Sure, as women in the household most of us are responsible for what our families eat and that is your primary target market. However, my husband is a willing and active participant on the healthy eating venture we have undertaken as a result (primarily) of the GSG. I am pretty sure that he would be more willing to be holding a book with Cover 1 on his daily public transit ride to work than a book with Cover 2 which seems more feminine.

  79. cover #1 since it has a bit fresher and more interesting design than the other two–but it could use some improvements as far as the design principles fo. Just a personal opinion.

  80. I just love number two… If I were in the bookstore I’d be drawn to this cover… You almost don’t have to read the title you already know what it’s about…

  81. Sorry, but #1 is ugly! There is no contest! #2 is eye-catching, and a book that I would want to buy and read. Definitely #2! [2]

  82. My favorite is still cover #1. It is more updated for the society we live in. I believe cover 2 is the same as all the other nutrition covers and I think cover 1 will catch the eye better.

  83. I pick cover #2 because it is more colorful to the eye. If I was in a store looking for a how to book on eating better this cover would be the one to catch my eye.

  84. cover #2, really like the color and would be more drawn to pick this book up first over cover #1 as it looks a lot more fun with all the colorful fresh food. Guess it also depends on how you want to keep your branding and if this is a series…If a series might be better to keep the artwork similar to help the reader identify the books go together.

  85. I like both covers, so I’m a bit torn. Book one does show depictions of busy people (as we all are) and fits the titles extremely well, while book 2 shows beautiful, healthy food that we all want to enjoy in our lives. I will have to go with cover #1, however, because it’s eye-catching and, as I stated, fits the title of the book much better!

  86. Cover #2
    Draws the eye to it w/the bright colors & luscious produce
    Title is clear w/large type but short, concise & tells you what it’s all about
    Still has your GSG Logo (the cute girl w/ a green smoothie in hand) sitting atop the veggies

  87. Cover 1 would grab my attention and make me slow down to take a closer look at what this book about. It’s clean, and uncluttered, the title is easy to read from a distance, and the simple graphics tie together, unlike Cover 2. I like Cover 1.

  88. Wow! What a decision. I truly like both, but for totally different reasons.
    Choosing only on the base of eye appeal and the one I would reach for first in the bookstore it would have to be #2.
    There is just something so appealing about fresh fruits and vegetables. They are naturally beautiful, vibrant and full of life.

    I love the theme of Shana’s “How To” design series, and the “Real World” cover would have won my vote had she chosen images of real people eating real food much like the “Healthy Eaters” cover.

  89. I vote for Cover #2! Cover number one doesn’t make immediate sense to me and if I were in a store looking at these two covers, I would not take the time to try to figure out what all of the images mean. But Cover #2 I would realize quickly that this is conveying healthy eating practices.

  90. Cover #2 caught my eye first because of the bright colors, larger GSG icon and simple design. I would be more likely to pick up that book first and leaf through it.

  91. #1

    I’m a girl and I love the cover that shows my hectic day on the go yet still able to be healthy. I would purchase that book by the cover alone.

  92. I like cover #2 also. Can’t even explain why but I was attracted to that one immediately, when it was just as part of the email I received.

  93. I like #1 better. My eyes are naturally drawn to that one more, and the second one looks a lot like other book covers I’ve seen, where the first one looks more unique. If I were strolling past a book section, #1 would most definitely draw my eye more!

  94. I like #1. Cover 2 with the produce looks too much like other books I’ve seen. (Been there, seen that.) #1 caught my eye more and made me want to pick it up. The title of #1 is also easier to read.

  95. I vote for #2 also. The other one is good, but only on closer inspection. The eye is automatically drawn to the brighter, cleaner cover. I do like the concept of the other, but I asked myself, “If these books were on a table at Costco or Barnes and Noble which one would catch my eye and encourage me to take a closer look?” The answer is #2. The other would easily blend into the shuffle of similarly styled books and I wouldn’t even notice it in passing.

  96. Initially cover 2 caught my eye because of the color, but after checking out cover 1, it seemed to hit me as more realistic!

  97. I like the look of #2 though it does look more common. #1 looks like a brochure or more like a “cheap” book. I would feel more confident that I was getting a good book with book #2. I do like that #1 matches How to Raise Healthy Eaters, like they are a set.

  98. I can associate myself with pictures on cover 1. And it gives you a better inside of what’s in the book (I hope). In the bookstore I would pick a book with #1 cover.

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