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GSG Coaches Take Salt Lake City, part 2 of 2

sacramento hiking

Chicago Coaches Madeline and Beth always hamming it up!

Sacramento hamming it up

Coaches Carol, Karen, Cathi, and Mariza hiking in Park City

It’s hilarious, and intellectually stimulating, to hang out with these ladies. They are doctors, nurses, health coaches, therapists, naturopaths. Coach Jeanette is my younger avatar, and Coach Madeline is my older avatar. When we hang out, it’s another blonde festival, and the ditzy is off the chart—even if we actually are all pretty smart and pretty successful at helping people.

At the convention, someone came up to Coach Madeline and said, “I watch the video of you on YouTube all the time! You’re my hero!” Yeah, she’s my Girl Crush too.

Coach Jeanette is tearing it up—changing lives all over the U.S. coast to coast, and making a six-figure income even though she just started 10 months ago.

Sacramento GSG Coaching Team (join us in any city, USA!)

Sacramento GSG Coaching Team (join us in any city, USA!)

GSG Coaches show off some assssssets!

GSG Coaches show off some assssssets!

Check out how to work with one of the 18 coaches in your area HERE. They’re all committed, passionate, amazing women. Or I wouldn’t have picked them.

I love having lunch with these ladies when I’m on speaking tour. Here’s a photo of my Sacramento apprentice coaches—with Coach Mariza and Senior Apprentice Amy!