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Lose 2 lbs. in one day! And, can 3 blondes change a lightbulb?

Three blondes and a brunette

Three blondes with our friend Laura Jacobs, the one brunette in the photo.

Actually, this blog entry has nothing to do with the blonde joke. (That’s such a cheap way to get attention for this blog. We go for good CONTENT around here, not lowbrow jokes.)

And anyway, I can change a lightbulb all by myself. I just chose not to. Rachel and Adrianne, here, tried to help me for a couple of hours.

Adrianne Thomas and Rachel Jones ( and I were at a retreat in Mapleton, Utah last month. Adrianne I asked to be in the photo because, well, she’s pretty. And three blondes are better than two. Right? Especially when a light burns out.

Rachel Jones, wearing the orange shirt, is also pretty, and Kind of a Big Deal. She authored the Medicine Cabinet Makeover class now taught by thousands, all over North America—including our very own GSG coaches and Senior Apprentices. It’s an education in how to use natural substances rather than drugs as your first line of defense for many, many issues.

Rachel told me about this Watermelon Smoothie recipe she made up that’s fabulously refreshing. I said, “But I love to EAT watermelon, and I already drink tons of smoothies.” She said, “Yeah, but you can use the not-so-great watermelon you buy, the leftovers, and some of the white part. Just freeze it in chunks.”

Huh! Great tip.

watermellon healthI told her about how we have two days of watermelon-only in the GSG Detox. High potassium (a diuretic), combined with very high fluids, plus the benefit of giving your whole digestive system a rest from typical foods in your diet that are harder to digest—all these benefits make a great KIDNEY detox.

Can you still get a watermelon, this late in the season? Probably yes?

If so, make this recipe up tomorrow morning, and have it all day, nothing else. The next morning, you’ll likely wake up 2 pounds lighter and feeling great! Any extra watermelon you have, just snack on during that day. Eating it all day keeps your blood sugar stable, too! Do it for TWO days if you want, and your net weight loss will likely be 3-4 pounds.

I’m giving you my variation of Rachel’s recipe here. IT’S SO GOOD! The essential oils really make the recipe special. (Rachel calls herself a LIME GURU. That kinda compensates for the lightbulb handicap, I think.)

Don’t buy another brand of essential oil, which is not the same and usually not approved for internal use. Check HERE for the GSG coach near you, and she’ll hook you up with wholesale price.

watermellons and limeWATERMELON-LIME SMOOTHIE

7 cups watermelon (fresh or frozen) or just fill the Vitamix or Blendtec

1 cup ice

Juice squeezed from 4 fresh limes

1 scoop GreenSmoothieGirl Green Light

1 tsp. vanilla

Blend until smooth, and serve immediately. Or, freeze some in ice cubes and keep some in the fridge. Blend frozen cubes into refrigerated mix, right before serving to have it be “slushy” and fabulous!