Win $100 telling me how you raise kids to eat right!

kids nutrition habitsIf you’re a parent in the trenches, trying to influence your kids to learn and practice good nutrition habits, it’s not easy!

I need your ideas. I’ve written the first draft of my book How to Eat Right In the Real World. But I know you have ways you’ve influenced and taught your family to eat right. What works for you? I want to share my readers’ best ideas, just like I’m sharing the best of our “How to eat right on a budget” and “Where to get an awesome meal while traveling” contests.

ideasThree winners will get $100 in your choice of free GSG stuff, plus shipping’s on me. Send me a numbered list of your ideas! Quick and easy recipes, things you’ve taught that “stuck,” ways you’ve made nutrition interesting or fun, ways you’ve involved your children in the family’s health goals.

What do YOU know that will help other parents? If you’re not a parent but still have ideas, please do share!

Tell us your name and hometown. Any entry could be published in my book, so entering is giving me permission to share your thoughts. Winners will be those with the most thoughtful, useful, and original ideas. Send to Thank you!