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Subject: Fish: friend or foe? And, products from China

fish contaminatedSo you’ve seen bags of fish at the grocery store. Buy 4 bags for the price of 2! Sounds like a great deal, so you run out and stock up your freezer.

If you’re going to eat fish, I think after reading today’s blog, you’ll want wild-caught, North American or European fish only. You’ll want to avoid all food from China.

No offense to my brothers and sisters on the most populated continent on the planet, maybe in all of history—but they have no environmental controls over there, no food and safety inspectors. The conditions in their factories and farms are deplorable.

And they’re downwind of Fukushima’s tradewinds.

Which is a radioactive, heavy-metal-saturated nightmare. Don’t eat farmed fish, which is highest in metals and overall toxicity, even worse than fish from polluted waters. Buy nothing that’s sourced or manufactured in China.

FishfreindfoeIf you watch documentaries or read about China’s marketplace, you learn fish farms are fed raw human sewage. Filthy growing and processing is covered up with food colorings and flavorings and sold to Americans to the tune of $1 billion a year.

I do not purchase any GSG  ingredients from there. Those I work with know that’s a hard-and-fast rule. I stopped offering brown-rice protein powder, post-Fukushima.

Other things I’ve learned in my  China research that you should know:

  1. Most fish products come from China or Indonesia, where they operate regulation-free. Even if it says Pacific Salmon on the label! Look at the fine print.
  2.  It’s hard for me to fact check everything, but allegations on the internet, including live footage, show Chinese practices that would shock you. The Montreal Gazette reported on how chickens are grown in wire cages above fish farms in China, so that the fish are fed chicken feces dropping into the water. A genius business idea, maybe—but do you want to feed that to your family?
  3.  Vietnam, China, and the Philippines feed their fish expired human antibiotics, and growth hormone.
  4.  India’s practices are just as bad, and Steinfeld’s Pickles are made there.
  5.  Most honey comes from China (buy local only—while you’re at it, buy RAW—like what we have in the GSG Oct/Nov group buy).
  6.  Cold-FX (a pharmaceutical supplement that claims to prevent or treat a cold) is full of fecal bacteria and it doesn’t work anyway. From China. If country of origin isn’t marked, don’t buy it!
  7.  Packages that say “prepared for,” “packed by” and “imported by,” often your store’s brand, allows the labeling entity to avoid telling you where that item comes from.
  8.  Garlic is mostly grown in China and is grown in human feces, so buy USA or Canada and preferably organic.
  9.  Don’t buy Green Giant or Europe’s Best frozen veggies—they’re from China! Don’t buy “Our Family” mandarin oranges, etc. Don’t buy Costco’s canned peaches and pears. Chinese!
  10. Arctic Gardens, Birdseye, Dole, Liberty, and Gold brands are U.S. and Canada. (Of course, they may not be good in other ways—but they’re not Chinese.)
  11.  Avoid fruit cups, canned mushrooms, cheap plastic toys. China, China, China.
  12.  Look at the bottom of any packaging for “Made in China,” or “Made in PRC.” That’s the People’s Republic of China. (That now includes Hong Kong, FYI.)

made in chinaThere are many other critically important political reasons to stop supporting Chinese imports. If 200 million of us don’t spend that $20 that we did before, we’d have the $1 billion trade deficit with China resolved.

Many experts say China’s global goals include infiltrating America politically, via our free market system. A look at how much they own of us is rather terrifying. The culture in that country is currently and historically less benevolent as portrayed in American foreign policy. So, it seems wise to support American companies and interstate trade.

70 percent of Americans have said, when polled, that the U.S. should end trading privileges for China. Let’s stop it ourselves, with our dollars?

What do we learn from this? Personally, I learn to grow my own food and shop local farmers’ markets. Avoid animal products except in very limited cases, and avoid imported stuff and stuff in boxes and cans. Buy North American.

Score another hit for whole foods.