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Northern California, here we come! Introducing Coach Mariza and her Senior Apprentices. Part 2 of 2

Amy Sellers and her family

Amy Sellers and her family

I want to introduce you to our other two Senior Apprentice coaches in Northern Cali, Amy in Sacramento and Jamila in Sepastopol. We are taking a few more apprentice coaches in the Northern half of the state, so check the opportunity out HERE. When our apprentice coaches earn the rank of Senior Apprentice, they are able to offer their classes through the GreenSmoothieGirl site and we promote them in my national and regional newsletters. (Applicants in other areas are welcomed, too.)

Amy sellers 2

Amy and her son Tanner

AMY SELLERS’ story is amazing, as she is matriarch of a big, beautiful family. When her 10th baby arrived, with a “bonus chromosome” in every one of his billions of cells, Amy and her husband learned all they could about Down Syndrome and how to help Tanner develop optimally in his formative years, to have good quality of life. He is a much-loved 5th grader who loves riding his bike and swimming, and he has strong speech skills. Recently Amy’s adult daughter was watching Tanner multiply and carry numbers and became tearful, as it is such a miracle and a blessing to their family that he’s so healthy.

She’s enjoying her husband’s daily compliments and ditching what she told me are “six five-pound bags of sugar” that have helped her “feel free to move about the planet!”

Amy has led our efforts in Sacramento this past year and loves to share our message—we are so proud of her! Contact her at

Jamila dancer pose

Jamila Remington

JAMILA REMINGTON was diagnosed with serious allergies and given hundreds of injections as she was growing up. She was constantly sick and on antibiotics, and her parents were smokers. They ate the Standard American Diet rich in Grama’s baked goods. She was an athlete and dancer, but as a teen, she knew she was unwell from all the drugs: her belly was bloated, her skin constantly itched, and she had stomach aches and muscle cramps, fatigue, and constant fevers, headaches, swollen glands and various infections.

A car accident, and some terrible health challenges related to living in an apartment full of mold, brought Jamila to her knees. She learned more about healing and wellness and nutrition, and dug her way out of depression and an immune system as compromised, her physician told her, as a person’s who is dying of cancer.

Jamila saw a flier about a GSG lecture at a Whole Foods Market salad bar next to my book The Green Smoothies Diet. Jamila discovered my Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie and the whole office she worked in loved it. “So began my love affair with the Green Smoothie Girl,” she said. She discovered and loved the 12 Steps to Whole Foods program, which she found to be a compendium of all the best information in whole-foods nutrition practices, and applied as an apprentice coach when the opportunity arose.

Jamila is from Sepastopol, CA, in the North Bay Area. She supports and helps people as an intuitive healer, people she finds in crisis everywhere she goes. You can reach her at