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Subject: Marcie Macari in Toronto is our hero!

GSG Apprentice Coaches to the rescue!

We built this cool little feature on the GSG site recently. It’s a place for people who love radically effective ESSENTIAL OILS, like I do, to tell their stories about ways they used natural plant substances to solve problems. Check it out.

I’m pretty proud of it, and am enjoying hearing from people about how it gave them great ideas about how to get away from chemical solutions and find better ones that DO NO HARM.

My coaches are helping people solve problems that most of the Western world has been looking to harmful chemical drugs to “solve.” (All drugs have side effects. None are recognized by the body as anything but a foreign invader. Most or all build up residual effects in organs and tissues that can cause problems later.)

Natural plant substances from all over the planet are gathered together in essential oils. Essential oils are 50 times more potent than dried herbs.

They have changed my family’s life. I have a short video tell about Essential Oils.

I love telling people about them. Whipping them out to help someone on the plane next to me, someone at a ball game, friends of my children who are hanging out at my house—-everyone I meet. A day does not go by that I don’t use my essential oils. I broke my pinkie toe a few weeks ago, and AromaTouch, and lemongrass, and Deep Blue saved me, controlling swelling and bruising.

Marcie Macari

Marcie Macari

MARCIE MACARI in Toronto posted 75 awesome stories in June, when I told our coaches and apprentice coaches about this new tool! Check out her stories, and others, HERE. I got SO EXCITED reading and approving 600 stories, in June, learning so many new things to do with my essential oils kit. Canadians should get one from Marcie at Consult her about what you want, and she’ll hook you up at wholesale cost, and earn free product points. Come tell us your own stories after you’ve used your kit for a while.

It’s a chemistry set no home should be without.

plant as medsEssential oils flavor food and stimulate the senses. They soothe skin problems. They affect our emotions (calming, energizing, and more) through our limbic system in the brain that is stimulated only by aromas. They do a thousand things. The reason we teach classes in it, is that it’s a missing piece of the puzzle. That is, NUTRITION / DIET IS KING!……but we also need to empower people with PLANTS AS MEDICINE. Like people did, meticulously with the knowledge they had, for thousands of years before Big Pharma came along and slowly enslaved us all.

Back to Marcie. She’s become quite the essential oils guru! Anyone in Canada wanting to learn from her, or get wholesale pricing on essential oils and accumulate points toward free products, write her at

she birthsShe’s mom to four children ages 17 to 2, and author of the book She Births: A Modern Woman’s Guidebook for an Ancient Rite of Passage. She was diagnosed 12 years ago with a devastating balance (vertigo) problem called labrynthitis. She was told it would last a few weeks, but it lasted years.

She couldn’t hold her baby unsupervised or get to the bathroom unassisted! A young mother, she was terrified and stressed and developed an anxiety disorder in reaction to this, which of course her doctor drugged and sent her out the door. Vertigo disorders mystify the medical profession, which has no answers and no idea what causes or solves them.

The side effects of the drugs were terrible, and Marcie couldn’t hold down a job, enjoy her life, or fully function as the gifted and vibrant woman she is.

Marcie told me she was sometimes suicidal. Specialists told her she was the “healthiest sick person” they’d ever seen. They patted her knee and told her she was “doing too much” or that it was all in her head. In Marcie’s words, “It’s one thing to feel off balance. It’s another thing altogether to feel like you’re in a centrifuge, with the room spinning so hard that you can’t even sit up!”

Marcie went through a research and experimentation journey, learning about nutrition and a low-toxicity environment for her cells to heal. She explored her lifestyle choices and her biological endowments coming from a family where most members struggle with chemical addictions, mental illness, and/or major physical problems.

Marcie still occasionally deals with her vertigo issues that are much, much better. But she also has graduated as a orthomolecular health practitioner and holistic nutritionist. She’s a health coach and editor of The Natural Health Gazette.

Marcie’s web site is, and you can reach her at Also, here’s a fun 2.5 minute video on what Marcie offers in her practice in Toronto, with an emphasis on healing with essential oils.  It’s a fun cartoon vid, and it contains Marcie’s phone number. Canadians can learn from Marcie how to empower yourself with great solutions at your fingertips.

I asked Marcie what her favorite oils are, and why. This is what she said:

1) Frankincense:  I use this for my balance disorder and it helps immensely. I dab it on the back of my neck or drop a drop or two under my tongue, and it’s wonderful for helping oxygenate everything, and stop any “spins” from happening!

2) Lavender:  I have a high-needs baby, and she was still nursing every 90 mins. all night at the age of 18 months. To say I was exhausted would be an understatement. I had used Lavender from one company since she was very small, and it didn’t help much. However, after becoming acquainted with a new brand of essential oils, I gave Lavender a try and the first night, after rubbing it on the bottoms of her feet, she slept for 4 hours straight! It may not sound like much, but when you’re sleep deprived, this is a HUGE blessing! Her sleep has continually improved, and I use Lavendar anytime she is having a difficult time settling down.

3) Citrus:  Even though my vertigo is much, much better than it used to be, the resulting anxiety is still sometimes a challenge. I have found that diffusing Citrus, and dabbing it on like perfume is an excellent way to help center and focus fearful or overwhelming thoughts. It is by far my favorite smelling essential oil.