How to Eat Right While Traveling, part 3 of 3

This is how you gain 5 lbs on your vacation
This is how you gain 5 lbs on your vacation

It isn’t that we didn’t eat in restaurants. This list of groceries didn’t cover all the eating we did for 6 days, the five of us. We ate in a restaurant once a day. This is typical of my traveling, that we have green smoothies and other foods I’ve brought, or that we bought wherever we were–and we eat out once a day.

In restaurants, I look for salads, and vegetable-intensive dishes. It isn’t that we didn’t have a couple of treats on vacation that aren’t nutritionally stellar. We did have a few treats. There were a couple of times when someone in our party had wine with dinner, coffee after dinner, or a dessert. I often tell GSG readers when I talk to them one on one: “I don’t eat a perfect diet. I eat a really, really good diet.”

Years ago, I valued my money more than my time. Now I am in a different life situation, and so the list I made in my last blog entry is higher on “convenience healthy foods” and lower on homemade, cost-minimized, healthy stuff than it did back when I developed 12 Steps to Whole Foods and lived on a very limited budget.

Robyn, Emma, Dr. Petra Wiechel
Robyn, Emma, Dr. Petra Wiechel

You can find other times I’ve written on this topic on my blog from years ago, HERE and HERE and HERE. You can see how our tastes and habits have changed over the years. Green smoothies are a constant staple, because they massively ramp consumption of a variety of our #1 most important foods, LEAFY GREENS. When we let green smoothies slide out of our routine, nutrient density in our diet drops sharply. If that happens, I notice the difference in my energy immediately.

And always, when you’re on the road, morning and night, have a scoop of GreenSmoothieGirl Green Light, Chocolate Green Light, or Red Light.

I always have 1-2 gallons of purified water on the road with me. Make sure you’re drinking a lot of water when you’re on the road, especially airline travel.

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No Western trip is complete without horseback riding

If you are traveling by plane, make sure to have healthy snacks in your carry-on bag. By doing this, I never end up having a canned V-8 and bags of pretzels to survive till touchdown. I often take pints of organic blueberries and apples, raw-food bars, baby carrots, and sunflower greens in my bag. I’ve even taken recycled containers of salads, and leftovers from home.

Some people don’t know that food is totally legal when traveling by plane. It’s just liquids (green smoothies, bottled water, etc.) they’ll confiscate.

Freddy and Emma hike a waterfall in Yellowstone
Freddy and Emma hike a waterfall in Yellowstone

If you think you can’t find anything nutritious on trips that involve airports and taking a cooler is impossible, think of it as a challenge to find something good in the airport. Very frankly, I don’t even try too hard. I eat really well on the road. It’s just not that hard.

And on my recent trips, very easily, I found:

—a lunch counter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that made me fresh cucumber, celery, carrot, ginger juice

—a juice place in the Detroit airport where we got fresh carrot juice

—a regular restaurant, La Grande Orange, in the Phoenix airport, where I got a Kale Quinoa salad

—a place in the Amsterdam airport that made me wheat grass shots, on the way out, and the way back

—a place in downtown Prague where I got fresh celery-carrot juice made to order

I often freeze pints of green smoothie, and put them in sealed Ziploc freezer bags, and roll them in my jeans in the middle of my suitcase. When I get to a hotel, I can put them in a fridge if they have one. (Marriotts usually have fridges, and the big hotel chains like Hyatt, Sheraton, Westin, etc. are most likely to have them.)

Yellowstone is beautiful!
Yellowstone is beautiful!

This will get me through two days with my greens. Not the whole trip. But it helps! I have green smoothies then next morning. I do NOT love the texture of a thawed green smoothie. But it’ll do, in a pinch.

When we are on speaking tour (75 cities by Dec. 1 this year!), we look up whether the city we’re leaving, or passing through, or arriving at later, has a Whole Foods Market. Virtually all of them have salad bars. That, and filling up my bottle with green smoothie at my lectures, for the next morning, are important features in my agenda to eat well while traveling. Of course, salad bar at WFM can easily be $15-$17. Not cheap! We also look for salad bar places like Soup Tomatoes / Soup Plantation, and we search Google for raw and vegan restaurants in the area.

Nutrient density throughout the day, every day, is the key to sustained energy and no need for stimulants while on the road.

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  1. We just made a plane trip to Utah for a reunion. Fortunately, a Sweet Tomatoes was just down the street from my Step-daughter’s home where we stayed. We got take-out twice from there–large salads with all kinds of veggies and a big tanker of their Vegetarian Harvest Soup. This soup is our favorite and they rarely have it anymore. Also bought broccoli, avocados, and tomatoes for our breakfast. We actually survived quite nicely!! My mother always mentions that she never has to worry about feeding us when we visit her in Oregon, because we bring our own food!! I have lists on the computer already made, so it is easy to plan!!

  2. I just want to say that I completely agree. I grew up in a home where road trips were packed with sugary and salty processed foods. When I first switched over to whole foods, I wondered how I’d do road trips. We just got back from a weekend trip to Nevada (coming from Utah). I brought a cooler of green smoothies, healthy snacks, and food, as well as a box of unrefrigerated healthy items, utensils, etc. We ate dinners out. We were gone for 3 days and I LOST 2 lbs on the trip! Eating healthy while traveling is not a difficult task, you just have to think ahead a little bit.

    1. I did a video maybe you saw, with Holly and Mark Jackman who own the Roxberry franchises in A.F. and Highland, Utah, and they have GreenSmoothieGirl smoothies in their store.

    1. hey Sheryl, it’s Hedgehog in Orem, 281 South Vineyard Rd…..but it should say that on your emailed receipt? if you chose local pickup??

      1. Hi Robyn, do you ever plan to open more green smoothie places anywhere else? I am in Irvine, CA (I believe you are coming here soon) and would love a green smoothies place for times when I don’t make my own (which I don’t). Jamba Juice and Juice it up have some vegetable-like smoothies but they are mostly fruit mixed with some vegetable juice I believe, not actual smoothies made from whole leafy greens. Whole Foods has raw juice of course but they still don’t have green smoothies.

        1. Hi Sophie, I’ve never opened a green smoothie place and don’t have plans to do so. We do have a few people who have franchised the GSG concept. But you’re exactly right—it’s a lot of fruit with a pinch of greens, those places, and Naked Juice, etc. A lot of impact on blood sugar, high in calories, and little benefit.

          1. This is so weird, because I also thought you had fairly recently opened a green smoothie “café” in Utah! I wonder how Sophie and I both got that idea?!? Weird!

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