CONTEST! I’m giving away $50 to 5 people!

Eat rightI am writing a new book. It’s called How to Eat Right In the Real World. On a budget, if you’re raising kids, if you work full-time, if you travel, if you have a big social life.

In 2014, I will undertake an ambitious lecture tour that includes more than 75 cities, to speak on that topic. (In January, then, I am retiring the green smoothie show!)

I will not be selling my new book! However, everyone who comes to any of my 2014 lectures will get the book FREE! In it, I’d like to publish GSG readers’ ideas to add to my own–giving you credit, of course.

Stand by for an announcement of the itinerary of the entire year of classes. I’ll announce that in a few weeks when we have it all put together and ready to start ticketing.

Meantime, tell me YOUR best ideas for how to eat right ON A BUDGET.  Please write, or just respond here on the blog, with as many tips as you like. By doing so, you’re giving me permission to print your idea (whether or not you’re one of the 5 winners), to help others. So, let us know your name, and hometown, to give you credit. (Give me whatever form of your name you’re okay with seeing in print.)

Tips and Trickswin prizedThe 5 best ideas (or collection of ideas) sent to us in the next WEEK will be awarded $50 in your choice of GreenSmoothieGirl loot!

So be thinking, what tips and tricks have YOU developed, over the years, that have helped you with a whole-foods diet even though you must carefully manage your dollars? Super-quick, super-easy recipes are also helpful–your mainstay habits that help you eat a lot of plants.

As Joel Fuhrman, M.D., says, in his book Eat to Live, there is now more evidence that a plant-based diet prevents all our degenerative diseases, than there is evidence that smoking causes lung cancer. So tell me… do YOU pull it off? No idea is too small! It’s the small things that make the difference!

By the way, my next blog series is an interview with a doctor on natural infertility treatment, but then we come back to this topic. I do a three-part series next week on How to Eat Right While Traveling. Stay tuned!