My new puppy Lola’s green smoothie mustache!

big-book-green-smoothies-350x350When I published Big Book of Green Smoothies a few years ago, I ended up putting 50 photos of Green Smoothie Kids with their green mustaches in the book. That was inspired by a brainstorm that I had when Tennyson came home from school one day and, in a fit of pique likely related to a bad day at school, stormed into my office with his pint-o-green from the fridge. He yelled,


I jumped on the blog and asked readers for their kids’ green-smoothie mustache photos. Promised the first 50 a free book. I hoped that other parents in America who had the book would be able to respond to their child’s wail, “I AM THE ONLY KID IN AMERICA…..” with the calm comment, “No, honey, look: there are 50 more!”

I also threw in photos of a green smoothie dog, guinea pig, horse, and bunny,that I was sent.

Lola with Greensmoothie 'Stache
Lola with Green Smoothie ‘Stache

Meet Lola. She’s the purebred Maltese puppy we brought home, just two weeks ago. She’s a naked bribe, to get my two youngest kids to change schools later this year, when we move to Daybreak in South Jordan, Utah. Thirty minutes north.

Tennyson and Libby are learning what it’s like to be a parent: getting up all night to take her out, fretting over her every move.

No, we’re not moving to build the Green Smoothie Mansion. We’re downsizing a little, actually, and building a house no more expensive than the giant place we built 10 years ago, which is about to go on the market.

I have two college students this fall! Theoretically, 40% of us are leaving. I’ll also be 15 minutes from the airport, which is helpful since I’m on the road 1/3 to 1/2 of the time. I have wanted to be in Salt Lake County for a long time. And, Daybreak is the only major planned development in this state–trails, beaches, river with kayaks, green space, outdoor pools, tennis and volleyball and soccer. Mixed-use, cool architecture everywhere–hands-down, the hottest community in Utah.

Puppies Love Greensmoothies too!
Puppies Love Green Smoothies too!

This is a photo of Lola having her green smoothie. (Do you have any idea how many shots you have to take, to get ONE decent one, of a Maltese puppy’s green smoothie mustache? Turns out, PUPPIES DON’T POSE.)

Today in the office, Kristin and I have both of our puppies playing together. It’s hard to get anything done. We watch them play constantly. A minute ago, I was just lying on my stomach, on my desk, to watch them play-fighting on the other side of it. Kristin got a Maltese/Shih-tzu at the same time I got a Maltese. They are both girls, the same age, and they’re being forced to be BFF’s.

Do you feed your pet green smoothies? Please tell me about it, because I’m a puppy novice! But Lola’s a green smoothie fan! We feed her whole-foods dog food only.

I’m not going to make the mistake I did with our last dog, whom we fed cheap dog food full of ash and bad stuff. I didn’t know any better. But at 4 years old, she had crippling arthritis.

Tell me your cool story of green-smoothie pets!