Baby Lillian’s First Green Smoothie

baby lillianBaby Lillian and her mother came to my Vancouver, Washington class recently.

Here she is, after drinking her FIRST EVER green smoothie. Clearly she loved it. And asked for more.

The younger the child, when they are introduced to whole foods, the more likely they are to enjoy them, for life. We “set” our tastes when we are weaned—onto whatever foods our parents choose for us! We human beings actually respond very well to high-energy foods (like greensmoothies)—’till we have years of blunting our natural responses with dead,processed, bleached and colored foods, with chemicals like refined sugar,refined salt, MSG, and chemical sweeteners.

kids eat veggieRemember that research shows a child often needs TEN exposures to a food before he or she embraces it. So, don’t give up after a few initial turned-up noses. Be consistent, offer the good food and not a poor alternative.

Did I mention BE CONSISTENT? It’s everything. If one month you’re the junk food mom, and the next month, you’re on a “health kick,” the kids don’t trust it when it comes around again. They figure, “Let’s just raise a big fuss, and it’ll go away.”

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