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Petition Kraft to Get Rid of Food Dyes

dump dyesHERE’s a petition on just a FEW of the many toxic ingredients in Kraft Macaroni. According to this, Food Dye Yellow #5 and #6 require a warning label in countries outside the U.S. and are banned or being phased out in Europe. They are contaminated with known carcinogens and manufactured with toxic petrochemicals. They have been linked to asthma, rashes, and migraines, and have a negative impact on children’s ability to learn.

fooddye2FYI, I personally think that while it would be great if Kraft removed these food dyes, the rest of the product is pure crap, too.

It’s worth signing the petition, just to register with Kraft that parents are watching, and we DO care. Of course, when I signed the petition I told them I’d never buy that junk anyway, but they shouldn’t be poisoning kids with completely unnecessary toxic chemicals.