Tori from Seattle tells me a beautiful story, part 1 of 2

sugar into gas tankTori’s is one of the most moving stories I have read from a GreenSmoothieGirl reader. You know I’ve read hundreds, possibly thousands. This one is so very special.

I have thought about it all week. I think what touched me so deeply by her story is knowing how, by not putting sugar water in our gas tank (I’m being figurative), and putting premium fuel in instead, FAR more is affected than just disease states and energy.

Everybody knows you don’t put sugar water in the gas tank. No one has ever done so. Unless they are sabotaging someone ELSE and thereby risking going to jail.

After all, that car cost you $20k! Or $60k. We put in EXACTLY the fuel the manufacturer recommends. I do not even put REGULAR unleaded gas in my Lexus (let alone throw some Diet Coke in there). No way. Premium gas always. And I am vigilant about where I park it, so nobody’s door might mar the pretty, candy-apple red paint.

Frying_Chicken_Article-666x454But look what we do to our bodies. Fry a dead chicken full of steroids and antibiotics in a vat of two-month-old grease, sprinkle it with salt and MSG, and wash it down with a Coke that has no actual food ingredient in it. And while we’re munching on that, we stop at a gas station and put PREMIUM fuel in the gas tank.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Is your body less valuable than a car? Can you buy another one, for any price?

Truly our whole lives are affected by our fuel. Every aspect. From our attitude and mood, to how we care for our home, to the way we are able to treat others and love them, to our ability to advance our professional careers and execute on goals.

Not to mention the more obvious effect on our clear, proven risk for cancer, multiple sclerosis and ALS, heart attacks and strokes, and obesity sidelining us in an armchair.

premium 2A variety of things affect our abilities to LIVE THE LIFE WE DREAM OF. But I believe that the #1 impediment, to living on a very high plane on all those issues, is the fuel we choose. Everything else builds on that foundation. I constantly meet doctors, coaches, fitness professionals, and regular people whose life experience validates that.

My next blog will be Tori’s story. I will tell it the best I can. It is based on a discussion we had in person (she later told me she was very nervous at the time)  and also includes quotes a more detailed email she later sent me.

It’s worth your attention.