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Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: What do You Use for Skin Care?

face hide probsDear GreenSmoothieGirl:

Please share your facial regimen!  I am really frustrated. You’re always so helpful and willing to share the products that you use in your life, so I am sooo anxious to hear.  I am experiencing redness on my skin and am ready to address it.  Please help this homeschool mom of very active children!  –Amy

Dear Amy:

Great question, I love this topic. Let’s talk about solutions for the outside (topical) and inside (cleansing organs that cause skin issues when they get backed up).

When I was younger I had acne, and later eczema, so skin issues have put me on my knees in the past, too. Both issues have been gone for many years now. Right after my divorce, my face broke out in this crazy rash-like thing under my eyes. A dermatologist told me the name of the syndrome—caused in women only, always by a hormonal reaction to major stress. He demanded I take an antibiotic and said if I didn’t, it would spread.

Most recently, when my two root-canal teeth failed, I had ugly, itchy rashes all over my trunk and arms that NOTHING helped except essential oils: Geranium and Patchouli. (The rashes disappeared and never returned when I had the two toxic teeth extracted. But oh my goodness, I was thankful for those two oils. Especially one weekend when I was wearing a two-piece swimsuit at the hotel pool at a girls’ weekend in Las Vegas.)

So… It’s our face to the world. It’s what shows. It’s our largest organ of elimination. And when it doesn’t look beautiful, it’s SO STRESSFUL! I understand why skin issues are so distressing, Amy.

I’m now totally vigilant about what I put on my skin. I have spent way too much of my life playing sports in the sun, and had way too many sunburns, HUNDREDS!—so since I have no intention of stopping that, I try to nurture my body on the inside, and on the outside (good natural skin care) to make up the difference.

HERE’s my video I made last week about why essential oils are the best answer as the first line in our health care defense. Note that I am 46 years old and none of my videos have ever been touched-up, and I will not use liquid foundation makeup products (which contain far too many toxic ingredients).

I use an essential oil Hydrating Cream (with Lavender, Jasmine, Geranium, and Frankincense) at night, sometimes in the morning too. (It’s not heavy.) Kristin had some of this product before I did, and she was always gushing about how she loved the smell. I tried it and was instantly addicted. So, I used to surreptitiously sneak some of hers, when we shared a hotel room, till I finally got my own.

 Cost-Conscious Tip: I also often slather my whole face with cold-pressed, organic coconut oil. It soaks right in, and when you wake up, your skin is pink and happy, not oily. You can add several drops of the same four essential oils in the last paragraph, stir them well into a small cosmetic-container full of your organic coconut oil. Also heavenly, and a very inexpensive moisturizer–for nighttime use, and daytime too if you have dry skin.

And I also love essential oils Anti-Aging Moisturizer for daytime use with those same oils that are perfect for skin. I use quality products with no parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, or the other toxic chemicals that I avoid in self-care products.

With stronger essential oils, like Lemongrass, you can add them to a medium of the coconut oil. The skin loves medium-chain triglycerides, and drinks them up. They are used in the bloodstream exactly as food would be. Fabulous fats to help utilize and break down oils, with the best essential oils for healing purposes, culled from all over the world.

(We live in the BEST of times, and the WORST of times, like Charles Dickens said. Worst of times because KFC fries chickens in toxic oil, with refined salt and MSG, and people eat that and wreck their health. Best of times because we have access to healing plant foods, and plant medicines, from all over the world, that no one in history has had!)

I am currently using Lemongrass and Grapefruit oils to eliminate my pre-skin cancers, after I read a report by scientist Nicole Stevens comparing nearly 30 essential oils she and other researchers studied in lab trials, for their effects on different types of cancer.

lemongrapefruit In her research, Grapefruit and Lemongrass were most effective against skin cancers. I have several pre-cancers on my face that have been there for many years. They are now peeling off in layers due to my recent application of the oils, but the nice thing is, you can’t see it. (That’s why I’ve waited so long to deal with these pre-cancers. I don’t want to mangle my face. After all, I speak in public and make videos for a living!)

Lemongrass stings a bit, so you may want to dilute in coconut oil before using it.

If you have any questions about what I’m going to write next, or if you want wholesale cost, so you can order directly from the company, talk to She’s one of my own “shortcuts to the library,” because she knows a LOT from 30+ years of voracious studying on how to be healthy. She’s a wonderful friend, and highly knowledgeable about a wide range of holistic healing topics. She works full-time in a natural health care clinic with patients who have all kinds of issues. Now you’ve got her direct email address.

The first of those two oils I used for my crazy rashes last summer, Geranium, is also my favorite perfume. It’s natural, non-toxic, and I get so many compliments when I wear it. Perfumes are terribly toxic, and one recent study showed that 10 top-selling perfumes had an average of 14 chemicals in them unregulated by the FDA. (Another study I reviewed recently also showed that Geranium oil has a positive effect on relieving stress and tension.)

The second, Patchouli, there’s a funny story:  during these rashes, I had people at the huge Chicago blues festival Kristin and I went to last summer, walk over to me and say, “Patchouli, right?” They give me a knowing look, which left me scratching my head. This happened at the festival, in a grocery store, in a restaurant, and at our hotel! Finally one of my girlfriends filled me in: people who smoke dope use patchouli to cover the smoky smell with another earthy smell.

Patchouli is absolutely bewitching: it has a dark, woodsy scent and I love it. So what if people think I’m a pot smoker!

digestioinskin One thing the story of my rashes last summer exemplifies is that the skin tells us things about what’s going on inside. Skin conditions are very often indicative of gut, or liver, issues, something internal. (In my case, failed root canals.)

Treating it topically, then, can get relief, but doesn’t solve the problem at the source. Of course I’m going to plug looking at your diet. Undertake any 2 or 3 habits in Step 8 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods, to re-colonize the gut with healthy bacteria. That good bacteria that you’re supposed to have–but most people in the modern world no longer do–is 80% of your immune system!

Digestzen_usesAnd if you’ve EVER been on an antibiotic, you may have devastated gut flora, with far-reaching consequences, until you address the need to rebuild that healthy gut population via food, plus some digestion-supporting essential oilsto help your metabolism in the meantime. (Always use it when you have a meal that isn’t mostly raw.) Don’t forget that your daily quart of GREEN SMOOTHIE keeps your digestive system clean and helps detoxify your liver, too, where toxic buildup may show up in a variety of ways in your skin.

As for skin redness, my #1 favorite is, of course, Lavender essential oil–the most well-known for skin issues in general, and calming redness and inflammation in specific. That’s why it’s in both of the moisturizer products I’ve recommended above. The smell is heavenly. Not with every essential oil brand you might buy—I’m going to get yelled at for saying this, but, in the case of essential oils, don’t buy stuff on health food store shelves. I’ve bought them all. I have an essential oils video that shows a box of essential oils I bought, tried, and never used again.

That’s why I didn’t convert to being an essential oils LOVER until I used a quality brand with a far-higher standard than just ‘organic’–and started to see phenomenal results. NOT ALL ESSENTIAL OILS ARE THE SAME. Many are extracted using petroleum products. Many are heated, aren’t organic, or cut with other, unimpressive ingredients.

Let me interrupt this “long answer to your short question” with this:

If your head is swimming with essential oils info now, ask CoachJudi for a Modern Essentials book, the definitive desk reference to use essential oils. Ask her what KIT of essential oils she suggests, for an arsenal of non-drug, natural remedies for skin issues, and many others: easy homemade laundry and cleaning supplies, digestive help, aids for energy, for sleep, for anxiety, for bacterial / fungal / viral issues, and many other issues.

Coach Judi can advise you about any specific questions you have about skin care. She can also hook you up to order directly with WHOLESALE prices, essential oil skin care products with no toxic ingredients, and the VERY BEST essential oils to nurture your skin, morning and night. Write her at

The summary answer to your question, then, Amy, is that I don’t put toxic chemicals on my skin (especially sunscreen and perfume and foundation). I’m a big fan of coconut oil. And I love anything with quality Lavender essential oil and others that burn out aberrant cells and nurture healthy ones, like Frankincense and Lemongrass.