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VIDEO: How do you talk to a cancer patient?

stage 4You can read this content about how to talk to and support a cancer patient, below–or watch it on my video here!

I’ve spent a ton of time lately with cancer patients. Especially Stage 4 patients. That’s MOSTLY who ends up in the holistic healing centers around the world I’ve been traveling to.

I met Debbie from Canada at my most recent clinic, who had her ovarian cancer recur over and over, and went back for FOUR rounds of chemotherapy. Also a hysterectomy.

alternative medicineI’ve not often seen a person more ill. Gaunt, on oxygen, barely able to speak, wheelchair-bound, cancer in her lungs now. She had just arrived. Her husband was very emotional. These people had been through hell. I met with her at a clinic in Mexico, along with all the other patients and their families. I learned she passed away a few weeks later.

I wish that more people turned to holistic treatments–which are more powerful and effective than you think–first rather than last.

I’ve met tons of cancer patients and lately my question to them has been, “How do people treat you? How do you feel about it? And how would you LIKE people to treat you?” Here’s the consensus, not only from the group of patients in Mexico, but in my recent tour in Europe as well:

look me in the eyeDon’t:

  1. Avoid me.
  2. Make that pity face and talk in that pity voice: “Hiiiiiii! How aaaaare you?” Tipping your head to the side, conjuring that sad look…..hopefully you know what I’m talking about. I made the video just to show it you, because it’s impossible to write. Cancer patients SHOWED it to me.
  3. Talk about negative outcomes of other people you’ve “lost” with that type of cancer or cancer in general.

laugh togetherDo:

  1. Be around me. Act  normal. Talk about normal stuff.
  2. Laugh with me.
  3. Tell me POSITIVE things.
  4. If you’re unsure, ASK me how to interact with me.

I heard those answers over and over. I think you can take them to the bank. Cancer survivors, feel free to chime in.

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