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Don’t eat GMO’s, part 3 of 3


natural newsCheck out this Natural News cartoon. Don’t count on our grocery-store foods having labels like “heart-disease spread” and “diabetes drink” or “colon cancer dogs” anytime soon. Coach Jeanette’s a more fiery person than me. (She’s our GSG-certified health coach in So Cal and Florida.) After a day of listening to Expo West sales staff hawking their marginal products, she went a little postal on a guy trying to tell her that his Frankenfood was going to give her optimal health.

It’s depressing: at the biggest “natural products” expo in the world, 99 percent of what’s being sold there, I wouldn’t eat, and I wouldn’t sell.

One analyst told me this year, “The money is in snack foods. That’s most of what people are buying at health food stores. That’s the market that is exploding.” Very frankly, if you buy the snack foods at health food stores? You’re still going to have heart disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and lots of other outcomes staring back at you down the barrel, by the time you’re 60, and probably sooner.

misleading foodThe stuff in health food stores is mostly organic white flour. Genetically modified “gluten free” snacks. Evaporated cane juice instead of refined sugar.

None of that is good for you. On a 10-point scale, 1 being pure junk, and 10 being sprouted microgreens (the ultimate)……these “health food store” products don’t even move up a full point from the bottom. The average American is eating 100 times more sugar than her pancreas can process. Some estimates say that in 20 years, 100% of us will have diabetes, if the current trend continues.

It won’t matter if it’s “evaporated cane juice” or good ol’ “sugar.” Same effect. It’s just marketing and labeling shell games.

choose wiselyNatural News’ cartoon highlights the need to be a savvy consumer. Not paranoid and fearful, but knowing which products to walk past. Let the market speak. But let the consumer be educated.

Eat mostly organic greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Stuff you make yourself. Eat very little out of boxes and cans.



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