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Coach Cathi and the Cute Cupcakes

Cathi and beet cake cupcakes

Chef Tracy and Cathi Waalkes

This here is Cathi Waalkes, our Certified GreenSmoothieGirl Health Coach in Michigan. She is one of our most passionate, and most successful coaches, so far, just 6 months past her certification. She was just able to quit her full-time job in order to focus on building her GreenSmoothieGirl coaching business and is thrilled for the career shift. She loves teaching about plant-based nutrition, and how it radically changed her life. (She’s now known for riding her bike 50 miles, in her 50’s, and she lost 30 lbs. on her whole-foods journey and looks amazing!)

In this photo, Cathi’s just taught a class with 110% attendance in Cincinnatti. Maybe that’s because she let everyone know in advance that this lovely baker, Chef Tracy of Tres Belle Cake and Coffee house (the host of the class), made my Chocolate Beet Cake for everyone at class, as cupcakes.

(Chocolate Beet Cake is in the dessert recipes in 12 Steps to Whole Foods.) Cathi wrote me, “By the time we took this photo, most of them were gone! They were a huge hit and everyone was surprised how moist and delicious they were.” Tres Belle will now make them on special order.

chocolate beetAs the title implies, the cupcakes have BEETS in them, but you wouldn’t know, and of course, all the ingredients are whole foods. This recipe is a favorite of Coach Debbie’s in Portland too, an avowed chocaholic. (“I will eat whole foods, but I must have my chocolate every day!”)