I buy drinks at convenience stores!



2I’ve not been to Tennessee in well over 20 years, so it was a treat to visit Memphis and Nashville to speak, recently. I didn’t get close to the Tennessee Valley, which I drove through those many years ago with my new husband. We were totally awed by how lush and green it was—truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been on the planet, rivaling the coast of Italy.

Memphis and Nashville were a different part of Tennessee, and new for me.

We drive past a town called Bragadoccio! And we stop for gas at a place that sells DEEP FRIED PEANUTS. I text a photo of this to Coach Abby, a Nashville native with a drawl, and she writes back, “Welcome to the South!”

Believe it or not, there IS one thing I will buy at convenience stores, occasionally. It’s no green smoothie, okay? But it’ll do in a pinch.

2It’s Vitamin Water Zero. The stevia-sweetened kind. It has a bunch of vitamins in it, most certainly synthetic. But the lemonaid flavor is sweetened with stevia, and it makes me feel like I can buy something to drink with everyone else.

Enjoy! Let it never be said that GSG is a radical fringey weirdo who can’t let her hair down.

Lookie there. I bought a drink at a convenience store in the South.