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Vaccinations and Autism

images-83The U.S. government spent millions and concluded that their decade-long research could neither rule out, nor prove, a link between vaccines and autism.

Yesterday, a new player joined my tennis team. She’s really good, and returning to this rank after a few years off. As we did warm-ups, I asked her a little about herself, and learned that she has 5 children, 3 of them autistic! I had this conversation with her.

autismMe: “So what do you think about the vaccine controversy? Do you think autism is linked to vaccines?”

Mandy: “I know it is. All three of my children started to have seizures right after their vaccines. I wish I had known.”

Me: “Oh my goodness. Well, another question for you then. Did you report it to the Vaccine Administration, and if so, were you compensated?”

Mandy: “No, I didn’t. I looked into it, but it’s too big of a fight, and too hard to prove.”

How many children are damaged by vaccines and are never even counted in the statistics? I personally know 10 babies who died of “SIDS” after being vaccinated, or developed seizures and/or autism after being vaccinated. Not one was reported or would be included in any Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) stats. How much higher, then, are the risks, than what is reported on, and minimized by, our pediatricians?

VaccinesFor young mothers wanting to research this issue, these are my previous writings on vaccinations, and my explanation for why I did not vaccinate my second, third, and fourth children:




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