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Mammography not improving survival? Euro Cancer Travels part 7

Dr. Jimenez

Hope 4 Cancer

sono photo dynamic therapyI met a woman named Karen from Dallas, at Hope 4 Cancer in Tijuana, where I studied last month. I interviewed Dr. Tony Jimenez, Dr. Xavier Curiel, and Dr. Carlo Santiesteban. They are helping patients beat cancer without any chemo or radiation. Their ‘silver bullet’ (most of the clinics I study at have one or two) is the sono-photo-dynamic therapy Dr. Jimenez developed. (You swallow some chlorophyll, which collects in cancer clusters, as normal cells release it quickly. A day later, light and sound technologies are applied to the areas where the cancer is, breaking down tumors.)

Karen was a patient at Hope 4 Cancer. After her breast cancer 15 years ago, she was treated with chemo and radiation, and a lumpectomy. She refused to take Tamoxifen because of the clear evidence that it causes cancer, and proceeded to live a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, her cancer came back ON HER RADIATION SCAR that has never gone away. And, two weeks before she suddenly found the large, 5-cm lump on the site of the place she was burned.  She had a root canal. She studied the issue and learned that the tooth treated with a root canal was connected, via meridian, to her breast with the infiltrating carcinoma tumor.

fragileNow the cancer is in her lymph system. She, like so many cancer patients I have met all over the world, are angry and disillusioned that they didn’t know they had other options, sooner.

Check out this new study showing that breast cancer screening is not helping improve outcomes in the “war on cancer.”  In and of itself, mammography is radioactive, causing ongoing burning, and causing our cells to “photocopy” mutated versions of themselves for years—not just a week, as the radiology oncologist told my good friend’s mother recently.

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