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The best cancer clinic I’ve ever been to……Europe travels part 2

_E2F5358There is a clear winner. Best holistic cancer treatment I’ve ever seen.

Blew me away, in fact. The facility itself is gorgeous! It’s the $17 million gift of a wealthy humanitarian who was cured by the founding doctor high up in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. With beautiful lodging, on-site, included in the treatment price. The breadth of treatments available is huge. The quality, integrity, and personalized nature of care compared to everywhere else I’ve been is top-notch.

The head doctor is compassionate doctor first, business owner distant second, and her whole family works in the business. This photo is of her daughter who is finishing medical school, looking out from the beautiful dining room. The affordability of the program is unparalleled in Europe. The quality of the diet taught and served is a perfect cancer diet and thanks to the chefs, FAR more palatable than other places I’ve been that have dreary fare. See the photo below of one of the chefs in the kitchen.

And many more factors helped me pick the best I’ve seen, across the board……I’ve developed a TOP TEN criteria list for patients to consider, when choosing cancer treatment……there IS a clear winner. Just when I had been despairing of ever “finding what I’m looking for.”

IMG_6388Amanda (our event planning manager) and I plan to take 12 readers there May 5-19, for a two-week retreat. (I know, I know! You’re waiting for me to announce WHICH place I am so in love with that I’m planning a retreat there! Hang on!)

I will not earn one penny from this trip—I just CANNOT WAIT to go back to this place, to detox from the heavy metals and other horrors in the air as our inversion-trapped air quality is on RED ALERT as I write this. (Plus I was a downwinder in the 60′s, exposed to a lot of radiation.) And I want to take you, too. So I have negotiated a special price for my readers to go to this very special treatment clinic that happens to be as lovely as any four-star resort.

You can choose one of these two programs if you come with us:

Liver Detox (it’s SO much more than that, the GI tract too, but the liver and its 500+ functions are SO important to attend to!). Includes several doctor consultations, 1 darkfield blood analysis, 1 iridology session, EKG and other diagnostics, neural therapy, acupuncture, 5 BioPhoton therapies, 4 infusions, 2 cupping therapies, 3 colon hydrotherapies, reflexology, 1 massage, 4 local hyperthermia, and a bunch of other therapies.

Heavy-Metal Recovery (if you have toxic teeth issues, exposure to heavy metals in your past, or have symptoms of metals toxicity, you can read an excellent synopsis of that, and how chelation works,  HERE).

_E2F9478Includes several doctor consultations, metals diagnostic analysis, 1 darkfield blood analysis, 1 iridology session, EKG and other diagnostics, 2 neural therapy, 5 BioPhoton therapies, 3 infusions, 3 rollers, 2 colon hydrotherapies, 2 reflexology, 1 massage, 4 local hyperthermia, 3 Matrix-regenerations-Therapy, 2 Vital Wave, and a bunch of other therapies.

You choose which you want to do. Start saving. This program is incredible. It is also one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever go in your life! Two weeks is a while. If you’re like me, you’re saying, “I have too much to do; I can’t get away!” And, “I need that money for something else!”

But remember, most people in the U.S. spend their health to get wealth…..and then spend the rest of their shortened years spending their wealth to regain their health. Sad, right? Nothing is more high-value to you than things that have the potential for MASSIVE IMPACT on your health. This is one of those things. And remember the quote a reader posted here, that I keep repeating:

“A man with his health has many dreams. A man without it has only one.”

I say, stop neglecting it NOW. I’m going to take a two-week breather from my INSANE work schedule, too.

Okay, Tuesday I tell you where we’re going. And I will make some comments about my general reaction to holistic cancer treatment around the world. Write if you want to come with us for 2 weeks. The all-inclusive two-week cost will be about $6,500, and most likely your only other expense will be airfare to Milan, Italy.

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