what’s the best humanitarian cause EVER?

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Do you know a great charitable cause? Something that helps people help themselves? Something innovative, and preferably related to health? Something that doesn’t have bloated administrative overhead? U.S. based?

When we launch the Detox (January? I hope hope hope! But maybe February)….I’m going to give $1 for EVERY pound everyone loses, to the best causes I can find. And $5 to those causes, for every testimonial you write us, about your experience with the Detox.

That way we’re ALL “releasing” not just weight, but TOXINS—bye-bye forever! And funding things that change the world, at the same time.

We’ve had about 35 beta testers of the GSG Detox program now. It’s a 26-days program, and everything is detailed for you: daily diet and habits, recipes, shopping lists, lots of info if you want to know WHY you’re doing all this.

Two levels to participate at, one for beginners, and one for the hard-core.

Everyone has lost between 7 and 20 lbs. My daughter and I were the only ones who lost only 7 lbs. More importantly, my beta testers reported their joints are free of inflammation, their head is clear, they need less sleep, their mood is positive, and they universally report feeling AMAZING.

Well. Matthew did report a few days of feeling homicidal, because he wanted to eat peanut butter. Or I don’t even know why he said that. I just tried to stay out of his way. You know how skinny people are. They’re not used to being deprived of anything.

Anyway, the point is we are VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT! Stay tuned around here and we’ll make a BIG DEAL about it when it’s ready. Every day you get a video or conference call with a detox-expert doctor on a different related topic. You get my coaches’ help (they helped test it!). You get a forum to talk with others participating. You get an email from me every day. You get a complete manual with all the recipes, information, shopping lists, and supporting information and science.

So back to the charities. I love Food Democracy Now, an organization that educates and fights against Monsanto, and fights for labeling laws so that we know what’s in our food, so we can eventually overturn the power that Monsanto has. My dream is that we stop genetically modifying our foods. At a minimum, tell consumers what’s in their food so we can OPT OUT!

That’s something I’m passionate about, where some of our dollars should go.

Tell me, WHERE ELSE? I intend to give thousands of dollars to some great places, starting in 2013! GreenSmoothieGirl staff will check out any U.S.-based humanitarian cause you send us to.

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  1. Hello-I am the founder of New Hope Counseling. We are a christian nonprofit in southern nj.Our focus is trauma and especially sexual trauma. This is unfortunately a very common problem in our world.
    I would be thrilled if you would consider us for your charity. We are in a poor area of New Jersey with high rates of sexual abuse and teen pregnancy. We use a sliding scale to determine fees and it is very reasonable- starts at $5 and goes to $40. If you have any question, our number is 856-506-5046. Thank you – Nancy Mills.

  2. One of the best and most important humanitarian services is Starfish House in China. They take babies that would otherwise not survive from the overburdened orphanages and give them one on one care to see them through until life saving surgeries can be performed. This effort has saved so many lives, and helps babies to be able to go home to forever adoptive families.

  3. Robyn,
    I have been following your plan for 2 years, I love it, feel great too. I have a husband that is severly depressed and has anxiety occassionally, what causes depression?????? I work during the day and he is 57 yrs old and is on disability. I wish I could send him to a center that would help him, he has had open heart surgery, back surgeries, knee surgery, shoulder surgery etc. WHERE COULD HE GO FOR HELP, he takes Lortab for back pain, I am lost to know how to help him, he has the standard American diet, doesn’t eat much cheese or dairy. I know this is asking a lot, but these past 4 years of depression make me crazy, I AM GRATEFUL EACH DAY TO GO TO WORK!!! PLEASE HELP!! Thanks, Judy

  4. HEIFER.ORG is one of the best charities I’ve come across….their philosophy is about teaching a man to fish, instead of just giving him a one time gift of a fish. This charity sends different kinds of livestock (depending on what works best in their area) to peoples and villages in need all over the world. Your donations also go towards the training in care of these new animals…as well as veterinary care. Then when the livestock have offspring, they are asked to promise to pass it on to someone else in the village, so that others can be helped and receive a livelyhood as well. This way, eventually a whole village can be raised from poverty. This organization is especially senstive to lone women, who need a way to provide for themselves and families in a male dominant society, where they could not normally find work to support themselves and send their children to school. 75% of your donations actually make it to the livestock, training, etc. 25% of it goes to administration and marketing. Anyhow, really great charity that I highly recommend!

  5. LDS Charities–bringing safe drinking water, food, wheelchairs and much more to those in need worldwide. Emphasis is on teaching people how to care for themselves and provide for their own needs. Every dollar goes to causes as organization is run completely by volunteers.

  6. CARE is an international organization that focuses on global poverty. They focus on working alongside women to transform lives and communities. The organization also provides relief for survivors of war and natural disasters.

  7. Smile Train is my and my husband’s favorite charity

    From the beginning, there has been NO administrative overhead.

    Babies and children are given free cleft surgeries . . In poor countries, males will never be able to get a job, females never marry. Oftentimes they are left as new borns to die .

  8. OATHS (Organization Assisting The Homeless Student). This organization was started by students to help homeless students. We forget all the supplies a child may need when in school. Doesn’t matter if its Kindergarten or a Senior in high school. Kids of all ages need to feel like they have what it takes to be successful in school.

  9. Amazima Ministries @ http://amazima.org/
    Based on the amazing story from the book, Kisses from Katie – an 18 year old (now 20 something) missionary working with orphans in Uganda, who has since personally adopted 13 young girls and is changing the lives of entire villages. A great and inspiring read.

  10. Utah Open Lands is an amazing grassroots organization working to save agricultural land as agricultural. They have protected over 50,000 acres of open space in Utah: some for recreation, some for farms, including organics, some just as openspace. They not only hold conservation easements but steward the land for perpetuity.

  11. The best foundation I know is the Chanda Plan Foundation. It is a non-profit started by a young woman that was shot at age 9. Suffered a spinal cord injury is a quadrapalegic and has started this nonprofit to help SCI, MS, CP patients get alternative healthcare. As most disabled are on medicaid and this does not cover alternative healthcare such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and yoga this non-profit awards grants to help improve quality of life. I would love to see Green Smoothie Girl enable this program to also improve nutrition help and information to this disabled population. So many of these are on prescriptions that hinder rather help them, but great nutrition would help in so many ways. Please see the website for more information. My husband and I have been Green Smoothie People for 6 months and know how great this plan is. I want more people to know about this plan, but are unable to afford the information and the blendtec to make this possible. Your help in this would be greatly appreciated. As Colorado residents there is so much MS in this area and so many requests for alternative healthcare help. Thanks Robyn.

  12. My charity is CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates. As a trained volunteer, (I’ve been one for three years) CASA works to represent children in the foster system that have been abused or neglected. It is incredibly effective (and efficient) at helping the courts decide what is best when for a child when he or she must be removed from their home due to abuse. One volunteer per child or sibling family, our single focus is helping the children navigate the foster system and find a safe and healthy permanent home.

  13. VoxUnited @ voxunited.org
    VoxUnited helps to bring clean water to those who would otherwise not have access to it. Access to clean water is essential for good health. VoxUnited goes to Northern Mozambique to repair wells as well as teach the locals how to maintain them and fix them when needed. My husband recently donated 2 weeks of his time to go there. With the full week they had in Mozambique to work they fixed 34 wells bringing clean water to about 50,000 people!

  14. http://www.reecesrainbow.com is my favorite charity! Through this ministry, hundreds of children with special needs in Eastern Europe and other countries are being rescued from orphanages and institutions where they are only surviving and are being adopted by families who can provide them with needed medical care and therapies and most of all LOVE of a family, so they can thrive and reach their full potential!

  15. Is the 26 day detox program something you are selling? Or something we can do on our own? Since I first came accross your website, maybe 2 yr ago, I have been making green smoothies for myself and son with special needs for our breakfast/lunch. I really love them. If the nature of the program is sort of a green smoothie diet, and I can lose 10 lb. by only drinking green smoothies, that would be super!

  16. Your line about the deprivation of skinny people had me rolling! Haha! But, in all seriousness, I know I need the detox, but I am underweight as it is….will you include some advice for doing the detox while trying NOT to shed any pounds?? (Don’t judge, readers, we all have our health issues!) thanks, Robyn! Looking forward to it!

  17. Yay! Thanks for that…I also forgot to ask if the detox is advisable during breast feeding….? I know most cleanses, etc, are not, or some depend upon the baby’s age and other nutrient intake factors.

  18. There is a new organization in Utah that we just finished doing a 2 day conference with 16 women. It is called Women of Worth.org. Those that come from domestic violence situations were nominated to have this 2 day program which ended with a gala event dinner and they crossed the stage in formal gowns to let everyone know…they are Women of Worth! It is an amazing program! Each participant has a volunteer as a mentor for the 2 days.

  19. EWG.org is one of my favorites! They rely on private donations to fund their research. They protect the consumer by telling us what is in our food, water, sunscreen, cleaning products, and beauty and health products and more. They tell us which ones are safe, and which ones are harmful.

    We need EWG to keep doing what it does best – giving us information we need to make smarter, greener choices and holding companies and Congress accountable to protect our environmental health.

    I go to this website often because it’s a trusted source and I want to know what’s in a product before I buy it and use it. It has helped me make smart decisions. Thanks Robyn!

  20. Hi Robyn,

    Looking forward to your Detox program!

    As to charities, I love all the research you have been doing on alternative cancer treatment options, and would love to see money go to a scholarship fund at one of those facilities, since I imagine insurance won’t cover the costs. And no, I personally don’t have cancer, but love that you are raising awareness of other options.

  21. Along with Rick, I nominate Amazima Ministries. Katie is transforming so many lives–not just the lives of the 13 girls she adopted–but also the lives of the Ugandan women in her beading group. These women are empowered to care for themselves and their children by working, and selling their beaded necklaces in the U.S. (Another organization handles the sales–not Amazima).

    Definitely not top-heavy with administrative costs. Many/most of the leadership in Amazima are volunteer. Katie is the real deal–like a young Mother Teresa. There are two blogs I read religiously: yours and hers. http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/ If you read one post, you’ll see why 🙂

  22. RememberNu is an amazing organization that rescues young girls/boys from being sold into sex trafficking. They build homes from these kids to live in and teach them a trade that will help them support themselves.

  23. I would like to participate in this detox since I fell off the wagon while vacationing in Germany (=visiting my parents and siblings there) last summer and later on at birthdays and other celebrations! Please send me this manual that I can participate and then have a good write-up and report at your free class in Nashville, TN!

  24. Allergy Kids Foundation is a great group (http://www.robynobrien.com/Allergy-kids-foundation) that works to restore the health of our children and the integrity of our food supply by protecting and educating people about additives now found in our food supply – additives not used in children’s foods in other developed countries; bringing attention to recent changes to the food supply and the dramatic increases in the rates of allergies, asthma, autism and ADHD in the last twenty years.

  25. Robyn,
    I emailed a few weeks ago when I first came across your site. (My mom recently died of cervical cancer.) Anyway, my husband and I started a non profit a few years ago called Youth Mission Challenge. It’s a 12 week training program for children that teaches them about health, nutrition and physical fitness while helping them train for a race (local run or walk). We partner up with other non-profits that are committed to living out James 1:27. The kids write a fundraising letter to their friends and family (during week 4) asking them to support their efforts to get physically fit and “to help take care of the orphans.” The concept and design would take a lot of time to put in an email. But, if your team is interested in learning more, please contact me. You are also more than welcome to contact the other people (organizations) we work with. Our goal is to give 90% of all money raised to the organizations we partner with.
    This has been a labor of love… a family affair for me, my husband and our four children… we are finally seeing our vision come to life and would love any support we can get… maybe even a review of our Week 3 (nutrition)!
    Sincerely Yours~

    PS- I just received the starter kit yesterday. Can’t wait to start!

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