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Ask your oncologist what he knows about Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg. Ask him what he thinks of the well documented principle that cancer is starved out by a highly oxygenated internal terrain, utilizing fresh green juices, alkaline foods, nutrient density, as administered by Dr. Max Gerson, M.D., to thousands of patients. And some supplements that leverage potent, cell-specific plant chemistry against rogue cells.Expect disdain and condescension. Its a cover for ignorance.

Don’t accept it. Press the issue. Ask, “How much do you know about this subject?” Ask, “What do you know about the hundreds of clinics worldwide where highly trained medical doctors refuse to administer chemicals and radiation, and instead focus intensively on building the immune system to fight its own fight? Which ones of them have you studied? If you don’t believe that anything like that is effective, what evidence can you share with me?”I know of about 300-400 different natural substances well documented to be effective against cancer and have read extensively on almost all of them. Ask your doctor which ones he has studied, and what he has to say about them. Which ones has he tried using, with what effect?
Ask your oncologist if he has studied what the Budwig Clinic is doing, in Malaga, Spain, based on the Nobel-prize-nominated work of Johanna Budwig, M.D. Ask him if he knows what German cancer clinics are doing. They use hyperthermia, and dozens of treatments like live-cell therapy, galvano treatment from China, sanum and isopathic treatment, vitamin C IV’s, EDTA infusions to chelate/detoxify the body. Documented with darkfield microscopy, so patients can see their blood becoming healthier during treatment.Ask him what he knows of the many clinics in Mexico where not only Mexican doctors work, with the environment that is freer of government restrictions, but also many American doctors have fled to find more freedom and options. Ask him if he’s read the published research of oncologist Francisco Contreras showing his non-toxic treatments for Stage 4 cancer patients to be RADICALLY better than American standard-of-care in survival rates.

If he responds with very general-sounding scorn and derision, drill deeper. It’s important that you learn that he actually knows NOTHING of their methods, and research, and success rates that far exceed his own. You should know this before you put your life in the hands of American oncology standard-of-care.

Ask your oncologist, “Do you ever get weary of watching your patients die of cachexia? Of drug reactions? Of heart attack and stroke related to heavy metals toxicity?”Ask him if you agree to get the life-threatening drugs injected into your veins, does he have a plan of treatment to chelate those foreign invaders out of your body, when you’re done with treatment? (He doesn’t.) Ask him what you can do to co-exist with these insults to your immune system, for the rest of your life.

Ask your oncologist, “Why do you think we have 1,000 times more cancer than we did 200 years ago?” Then ask, “What is your profession doing about that—studying how to avoid the epidemic of cancer incidence?”

Ask her, “Would you go through chemo yourself, if you were diagnosed with cancer?” According to one study, 93 percent of oncologists (surveyed anonymously, of course) said they wouldn’t! Assuming your oncologist says yes (I predict this), is she in the 7 percent, or is she lying?You’re not asking these questions to “bait” your doctor. You’re doing it to learn her knowledge base. And lack thereof. Don’t you think that’s appropriate, if you’re going to entrust her with your life?

I think it would SUCK to be a oncologist.

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