Tips for Getting More Greens in Kids’ Diets—besides green smoothies

A number of readers have suggested two ways to get more greens in your kids’ diets:

  1. Green smoothie popsicles
  2. Green smoothie fruit leather (in the dehydrator, on teflex sheets, dry until chewy, and roll)

Of course my other tip (besides green smoothies, obviously) is to make KALE CHIPS, and we have lots of recipes in Step 7 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods. One giant leaf of kale, dehydrated, is a small, yummy “chip” or more accurately a “crisp” that is easy to eat.

(With kale chips, or with fruit leather, always have your kids drink a glass of water with it, so the dried foods don’t “scavenge” needed liquids from the stomach, etc.)

Desiree sent me an Amazon link to this popsicle maker that is perfect to freeze green smoothies for little ones—or anyone who likes frozen treats. If you have more green smoothie than you can drink in 48 hours, this is a good way to preserve it, too.