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Alternatives to Antibiotics

Winter’s coming up. The more raw plant foods you eat, and the more Chapter 8 probiotic-foods habits you incorporate into your diet, the more your body become inhospitable to viruses and infections.

But be prepared to nip the baddies in the butt, the minute you feel symptoms coming on, with natural alternatives to antibiotics. The sooner you get on it, the more effective natural solutions are.

In fact, even if people around me are getting sick, or if traveling soon, I start taking Kyolic garlic caps, goldenseal herb caps, spraying ACS and ACZ in my mouth every few hours, and licking essential oils off the back of my hand every few hours.

I don’t do goldenseal or immune-supporting essential oils all the time—otherwise the body adapts and the effectiveness isn’t high when I need it. But the immune system needs to buck up when the flu is going around!

Right now my favorite ant-viral, anti-bacterial solutions, are two things that work in very different ways:

One, immune-supporting essential oil blend. A microbiologist presented her research showing how essential oils killed MRSA in a petri dish, with many experiments over the course of a year. She used just 2-3 drops—more did not increase effectiveness.

Vancomycin, the antibiotic drug of choice for MRSA, was quite ineffective in comparison. It is well known to take several days to begin to achieve its kill effect. And unfortunately, antibiotic drugs are not cell-selective as natural remedies generally are. They do a lot of ‘collateral damage,’ including killing off the good bacteria needed to keep bad bacteria in check for the future!

You can put essential oils on the back of your hand and lick it off. When we had coach certification coming up, lots of people around me were getting sick. I gave my kids and my key employees a little bottle of blended immune-boosting essential oils and told them to use it every few hours, and I did the same. None of us got sick—then, or afterwards!

Contact our support team at about how to get some at wholesale cost.

Using essential oils is like using 200 different cell-selective “bullets,” whereas Vancomycin is just one “bullet.” So the adaptogenic organisms in your body can’t mutate and create defenses against a 200-bullet approach, like it can fairly easily, with a one-strain antibiotic drug.

Two, ACZ nano for chelating toxins out of the body, and ACS 200 silver for killing all kinds of viral and bacterial organisms, only bad ones. They are phenomenal products to have on hand and use regularly, especially in the winter.

And look HERE, HERE, and HERE at my blog series from last year, regarding alternatives my readers and I have found to be very effective. Oh, and one more, the Top 10 ideas I got from my readers. When you’re armed with effective natural solutions, which are cell-specific and don’t harm gut flora, you don’t have to get sick repeatedly, and you don’t have awful side effects like thrush and vaginal yeast infections. Sometimes those side effects can go on for years!

Some of the holistic practitioners I work with say the body can spend literally decades trying to recover from the devastation of a single course of antibiotics.

(Doing Step 8 to 12 Steps to Whole Foods is a MUST, if you’ve ever been on an antibiotic and need to rebuild your gut health. Making and eating cultured foods can rebuild that all-important healthy GI tract where most of your body’s defenses happen.)

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