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Jennifer’s “HOW TO SHOP” store tour classes coming up!

My certified GreenSmoothieGirl coach for Utah and Idaho, Jennifer Parker, is doing a class in Orem, and Sandy, Oct. 13 and 27, with limited tickets available, called


She’ll be walking you through the Good Earth store near you. Showing you the best baking ingredients. The best sweeteners and better salt.

The best gluten-free products. Where to find alternatives to ice cream, to bread, to crackers, treats, and candy.

Where to spend your grocery dollars. Where not to!

What to look for on an ingredient label.

Learning how to shop can be one of the initial, daunting parts of shifting to a whole-foods diet. We want to flatten that learning curve for you!

Sign up for Orem class at 9 am, or 10:30 am on Saturday, Oct. 13, for only $15.

Or the Sandy class at 9 am, or 10:30 am on Saturday, Oct. 27.

Soon we’ll have our coaches nationwide teaching this valuable class, so stay tuned here on the blog. In a few weeks, we will re-launch with all the same content, and lots more, in a beautiful new format.

We’ve clunked along for five years, using chewing gum and baling wire to hold our site together as we’ve grown. Now it’s time to get world-class with this operation, since it’s now clear that America wants to eat right—if we just teach them HOW.

Can’t wait to show you the new site. The EVENTS tab alone is worth all the awful headache that putting a new site together has entailed.

There will be a map of the U.S., with an icon on each state for the different classes available in your area. Taught by me, or taught by our coaches.

We’re really excited!

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