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What coaches have to say about their visit to Utah. Part 4 of 4

This is what some of our coaches said about their 5 days in Utah:

What an amazing week! We learned, laughed, cried, hiked & did yoga in the breathtaking Fall colors of Sundance. I am so impressed with Robyn, her team and the other coaches. These ladies are smart and fun! They are knowledgeable, capable, and experienced. The variety of strengths and gifts among the group is dynamic and exciting. The depth of life experience is profound and truly touched me. I feel honored to be part of this team and the Green Smoothie Girl mission to bring hope, knowledge, skills and greater health to Colorado, Minnesota, and Iowa! Can’t wait to get started!

Dr. Barbara Jennings, Colorado

What an inspiring, intense, amazing experience!  I was honored to learn from women of compassion, understanding, and vision, joined in the Green Smoothie Girl mission to share steps to high-level wellness.  We laughed, cried, sweated, listened, loved in a gorgeous place, grateful for new friends and companions for the journey.  I want to share the vitality and healing GSG principles offer the world.  Here’s to Amazing Health!

Debbie Tuttle, Oregon

Our certification classes to become a Green Smoothie Girl Health Coach were packed FULL of information. Robyn encouraged us to grow, to discover new abilities that may lie dormant within each of us.  I loved the feeling that we coaches all expressed: a very strong desire to help others learn to live a healthy lifestyle.  I think we now have a great team, with great tools, to teach the great message of precious health.

Be Green & Glowing,

Madeline Wilson, Indiana

I have not felt this excited about my mission in life since I graduated with my doctorate from chiropractic school!  I loved everything about the training; the events, connecting with the ladies, the cabin in Sundance and the beautiful hikes. The whole 4 days felt like preparing for a labor of love! Working with such an amazing team of women (Green Smoothie Girl Sorority) with the same mission to bring true health and wellness is truly a dream come true! I am on fire! I am excited to get back together with the GSG team next year to continue to  ignite the flame. We are going to make an impact on people’s lives and there is nothing better than that.

Dr. Mariza Snyder, California

Certification was an amazing experience!  Thanks to the beautiful setting, it felt like a retreat packaged inside of a training!  It was truly inspiring to spend time with a group of individuals who feel as passionate as I do about helping people change their lives through nutrition.

While I’ve seen your lecture before, I never tire of seeing your passion and energy.  I love how truly genuine you are about the GSGmessage and I am thrilled to be officially be part of the “movement” as we take this to the next level.

Also, I have a much clearer idea of how plant-based eating is complemented by plant-based medicine.  I love that people can depend on natural substances for health care needs rather than artificial and synthetic chemicals.  My learning gap is the largest in getting up to speed on the essential oils, however, I am up for the challenge.  So very excited!!!!

Abby Cooper, Tennessee

I had  no idea what to expect arriving at the “Hide Out” and have to admit my anxiety was high. But I have to say that the group of women there were out of this world. The amount of knowledge, experience and concern for the well being of people was astounding.

We were able to share our painful stories with the other coaches, who have been there as well, and have also healed themselves, and that now is a bond that makes us strong. I feel blessed and honored to know and be able to learn from these wonderful women.

When accompanying Robyn to the classes I was encouraged by the number of people who came eagerly, searching for a better way out of their illness.  I hope that the words spoken were heard loud and clear and they can start to better themselves and their lives. I am truly grateful for this awesome opportunity and look forward to continuing the legacy.

Karen Vasecka, Delaware

Certification week was the perfect kickoff as Green Smoothie Girl Coaches, surrounded by the beautiful fall colors of Sundance in the Utah mountains. What an honor to be a part of this amazing group of women and be taught by Robyn Openshaw and Laura Jacobs.

The VIP class was a total success. Those in attendance left armed with concrete knowledge on the preparation of several whole food recipes after watching Robyn prepare them and explain the benefits of each ingredient.

Laura taught a Medicine Cabinet Makeover class. She showed us simple ways to use essential oils in place of prescription or over-the-counter drugs. The focus is prevention and restoration, sharing the benefits of a whole foods lifestyle.

We as coaches are ready to teach, motivate and guide you. Robyn’s course 12 Steps to Whole Foods breaks it down. Join us.

Kathleen Caudillo, California

This certification program was inspiring, energizing and fortifying for me…both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Magic happens when one is surrounded by a roomful of women dedicated to changing the world, one home at a time. It was exciting to be surrounded with amazing women who genuinely care about the health of others.

Each of us is willing to share their time, expertise, personal triumphs and pain all for the good of helping others see a light at the end of their own tunnel.  I’m here to teach others there is hope through nutrition, whole foods and that it can be done affordably and easily.

Everyone has such unique gifts to share with the world in our group of health coaches and I am thrilled to be one of the Certified Green Smoothie Girl Health Coaches. It is such an opportunity on so many levels.  What an honor to be a part of spreading our stories of personal hope, overcoming physical illness and helping others see that life can be better through whole foods and plant- based medicine…pinch me, please, because you’ve given me the chance to live the dream…my dream…to live a life full of abundance and to assist others on their journey to heal themselves and ” have a healer in every home”.

Hearing the class attendees’ stories, seeing the healing that has occurred for the men and women who have implemented the 12 Steps to Whole Foods program and witnessing the hope each individual has in their eyes at Robyn’s events is life changing…what an honor to be able to hold out my hand and help those who want to heal themselves and their loved ones; my role is to provide motivation, education and inspiration.

Nicole Geraci, New York