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You thought I went off the grid? Maybe you didn’t notice. I NEVER go 4-5 days without blogging.

But we’ve been holed up from early till late every night at “The Hideout” at Sundance with the 15 women who will make the GreenSmoothieGirl mission explode by 1,000 percent this year! I have become my own bottleneck. I needed help.

Now we can do more classes, with more inspiring women helping Americans understand what whole foods do to return us to health. More coaching, and VIP classes,  more grass-roots education.

We’re beyond excited, and I can’t tell you how fun it was to be with these phenomenal Certified GreenSmoothieGirl Health Coaches in my “happy place,” up Provo Canyon. It will always be my favorite place on the planet, even though I’ve hiked to the top of Marble Mountain in Thailand, run the streets of Paris, and am on my way to Budapest and Prague in November.

We ate lots of whole foods, much of it raw, the kind of food that causes no animal suffering and doesn’t make your body digest it all night. Prepared by none other than Patty aka “Mary Poppins.” (Ask my kids to do their British accent—it’s SUPER FUN to say “Mary Poppins” with a Cockney lilt.) Patty Maher, whom you can friend on facebook.  I needed everyone’s energy HIGH for our intensive training, and that’s how you get high energy!

Patty has a tendency to start into making a dish with the best of intentions, but it comes out with some completely different ingredients and I don’t exactly recognize the result as my original 12 Steps recipe. (Her version of my Chocolate Beet Cake, celebrating Coach Allison’s birthday, had little resemblance to mine, with lots of radical ingredient changes and a completely different frosting, but it was good. Except for the beet chunks because all the blenders were down at my VIP class, haha.)

Ditto Country Market Stew and a bunch of other things. Well. Creative is good.

Patty is a little obsessed with masking tape. She puts it on every jar of smoothie, and everyone’s food, at my house. Usually I have a little heart by my name on the masking tape. The morning certification began, my masking taped quart of smoothie said not only “Robyn,” with the heart……but also, “GAME ON!” (My eyes welled up a little later, telling the coaches about that, and how much I appreciate Patty.)

She made some ridiculously delicious “vegan corned beef sandwiches” that even my kids loved. With it, we served the coaches three-year old RAW sauerkraut I made, from cabbage in my garden. (That’s Step 8 recipes. Making cultured foods to HEAL THE GUT. Skin issues are gut issues! All disease, all health, starts in the GI tract. If you’ve EVER been on an antibiotic, you NEED Step 8.)

Then I told the coaches that their “corned beef sandwiches” are actually full of the vegetable pulp we made carrot/beet/celery juice from. Muahahahaha! That’s the kind of fiber you cannot get from Metamucil.

My point: whole foods can be really yummy. And don’t worry, we’ll post the best recipes here. After we finish cleaning up from many, many boxes of stuff that were in the coaches’ Sundance cabin and are now all over my kitchen.

We had intensive training from early until late every day, and I’d say, “Five minute break! FIVE!” (I had a LOT on the agenda!)

I’ll tell you more and share the Vegan Corned Beef recipe, hang tight.