Recovering from oral surgery….part 3 of 3

I am more committed now than ever, to good nutrition. I want to keep my teeth healthy! I don’t want to face more dental decay. We live longer than people did back when infectious disease and dreadful working conditions were rampant. And we’re vain as a culture. So we have to have beautiful, straight, white teeth for, what, 75 years or more? Two nights after my surgery, I was with my family, parents and siblings, listening to all the dental problems we have—we aren’t great for teeth, most of us. Eating an alkaline, low-sugar diet now seems even more important than ever. We can’t eat a rich, acidic diet and expect to have pretty teeth till we’re old.

I went to a famous national park in China, where more centenarians live than anywhere else in the world. The drive into the park is lined with 20’ tall photos of those in the province who are over 100 years old. They were all toothless, except a few who had one or two teeth. To an American, it looks comical. But at what cost do we fossilize the teeth in our mouth? There have to be ways to have a pretty smile and NOT fill our mouth with metal and pleomorphic bacteria. I believe your best shot at doing that is with a good biological dentist.

Undoubtedly right now, there are millions of white blood cells frantically neutralizing, cleaning up in my body. This is a critical time for me to acknowledge and honor the work my body has to do, to adjust to the insult and eliminate the toxic organisms undoubtedly circulating everywhere right now.

Dr. Wall asked if I wanted to spend $350 to send the teeth in to a lab, to get a report of what bacteria were in them. I said yes—in the name of science, and so I could report about it here. And at my upcoming Utah classes.

My own biological dentist in Utah County, Dr. Sean Ulm, is sponsoring my Sandy lecture on Sept. 19. Dr. John Augsperger sponsored us in Colorado Springs last month, a wonderful doc who blogs here occasionally.

Dr. Ulm here in Lindon is excellent too. My family and I will continue to go to him. I went to Dr. Wall way up in Bountiful because Dr. Ulm and his wife Dana (who manages his practice and is a very articulate and educated advocate for biological dentistry and against toxic dental procedures) think very highly of Dr. Wall and have received training from him. And because Dr. Wall is the only one in Utah who can do zirconium implants. (No metals in my mouth, ever again! And no root canals!) My research seems to point to the fact that Dr. Wall is the most experienced, and the most technical, of Utah’s biological dentists. Dana and Dr. Ulm were supportive of my going there.

Dr. Wall serves green smoothies to his patients every day, made from ingredients in his garden and fruit trees. His lobby table is piled high with all the right books—not only many of the books on the evidence against current dental practices, but also The China Study. (That’s the report, for the lay reader, of the biggest, most definitive evidence that a plant-based diet prevents disease, and that eating animals puts us at high disease risk. It’s the biggest nutrition study ever done.)

Dr. Wall’s office also has a Pharmanex Bioscan device in their office. (Go in and get a scan—it’s free! It tells you the level of carotenoid antioxidants in your skin, which is a good indicator of the overall level of antioxidants in your body. The average American is well below 20,000. When the technology first came out, I was eating the Standard American Diet, was overweight, and scanned at 24,000.

Last week I scanned at 80,000, which is off the high end of the chart, even with my immune system revving and having to use a lot of antioxidants to clean up the 10-year old root canals. (Did you know that they only last 10 years? I guess dentists know this. Mine did not tell me.)

Dr. Wall’s assistant, GSG reader Cheryl, said they haven’t had anyone scan that high except Dr. Wall himself, and maybe one other person. (I wonder if that one other could be GSG reader Shellie, who responded to my last blog entry?) Kristin scanned at 56,000, which is also impressive! I’m so proud of her, my meat-and-potatoes, former Diet Pepsi addict.)

Dr. Wall is also sponsoring my Bountiful lecture on Sept. 13.

Some people’s bodies handle and protect the body from mercury and other poisons better than others. Dr. Buttar taught me that some people are decimated by just one amalgam filling, while others (like me) had many of them removed (with no oxygen, no dental dam, nothing) and seem to be fine.

I recently met a woman at my lecture in Mesa, Arizona, who was covered with horrible-looking lesions. She described it as an auto-immune condition. This woman was clearly miserable. She said she ate no gluten. No sugar. No dairy. She was doing everything right. I asked her, “How many root canals have you had?” She said, “I don’t know, a lot! Four at least?”

I met another woman in Atlanta—same basic story. She had driven hours to be there. She eats a very clean diet and even makes her own probiotic foods, and that’s probably the only reason she is alive. Because she is miserable and very ill with several diagnoses. I asked her how many root canals she had, and she said EIGHT.

I sent her to go talk to Dr. Buttar, who was there with me—for another credible source encouraging her to examine the toxicity in her mouth as the potential cause of her misery.

No one had ever made the connection between root canals (and toxic, unbound metals in the mouth) to medical conditions, for either of these women! My friend Holly, a competitive tennis player at my club, just had Dr. Wall remove her sister’s root canal tooth. Who knows if that’s why Holly’s lovely, young sister with three small children has been diagnosed with Stage 3 ALS that is currently crippling her….but Holly says the symptoms began a year after the root canal.

Yes, this information I’ve been blogging about the past few months makes the entire practice of endodontics a travesty. Yes, it’s hard to imagine why the ADA would continue to insist that amalgam (mercury) fillings are safe and that root canals are good, safe, and necessary. But we have to realize that the entire dental industry would crumble under the weight of hundreds of billions of dollars of liability, if the dental industry admitted how deadly their practices over the past 50+ years have been!

This isn’t me giving you advice to have your teeth pulled. This is me suggesting you may want to see a biological (holistic) dentist. They have departed from the protocols of dentistry’s “standard of care” because they observed and self-educated to understand how devastating what they WERE doing is, for their patients, and then they sought out additional training to practice in far more helpful, more holistic procedures.

This is worth paying attention to, my friends.

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  1. I am so glad you mentioned Dr Augsburger in this post. I just started a pretty long process of removing 7 root canal teeth and cleaning up 2 cavitation with him. I hope my story can help others make the right choice. But I am also looking for answers if you have any. It would take pages to relate my root canal story but in brief, I believe that all the odd pains/ symptoms that I now have are related to my teeth as I was in quite good health before root canals. The meridian chart matches my teeth and symptoms very clearly. The 1st 2 were done in 1998 and started a pain in my neck and many allergies (still here). The next 5 were done 2008-2012! Next day of 1 root canal, a strange pain started in my right arm… still here after 5 years, absolutely no change. What I want to say is DO NOT GET A ROOT CANAL! But also, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Almost no one around me believes my story. They say I should see a psychologist. I always felt I was right. I saw many doctors who gave up on me because they did not know what I had! I spent so much money trying to cure things that probably only my teeth could cure. Why did I wait so long? Just because I have 7!!! and it costs a lot. So I started the pricey removal process 1 week ago because things were getting much worse. In addition to pain in the neck, the arm, a constant need to urinate, veins that suddenly exploded all over my legs, I got a lot more depressed than previously and started losing energy and will. No more yoga as I could not hold the positions!
    That is my story. Now the answers I am looking for are for the recovery process. If anyone had a recovery story to share, I would love to hear it. After the 1st extractions a week ago, I do not see any change. That scares me a bit. I was really hoping to see at least one change. Maybe my body is so messed up that it is going to take some time to heal… I just don’t know. What I know is that my dentist saw some ugly things when removing my first 3 teeth and treating the cavitation… It needed to be done.

  2. Ahh!!! This is not what I wanted to hear!!! I had a root canal done about 9 yrs ago on one of my “i” teeth and then just had to have another one done on one of my front teeth a few days ago……Just read these articles on fixing root canals…..I am so upset and worried….. I wish I could go to a dentist like this, but they usually aren’t accepted by insurance companies and cost $$$$. My husband is an educator, and I’m a stay at home mom…. money is tight….. I love reading these articles, but sometimes I wish I hadn’t read them…… It seems like there’s no way to afford the right kind of care!

  3. Hello! I’m currently looking for treatment for Cavitations and root canal removal. I can’t find much information about Dr Wall. I read his website and find it very interesting! He uses a lot of very up to date technology. Had you gotten other opinions before going through with the procedure? How are you doing now?? Thanks in advance for you input!

  4. I need the recipe for thr green smoothie – my sister is in the military & they gave her no choice but root canal. I love your site & am I
    Going to incorporate ur methods into m my family’s every day living starting w/ my trip to the store today. HELP & Thanks!!


  5. I’m so glad that you had a quick recovery! Reading your blog has really reassured me that I’ll be ok (I go “under the knife” in a week. So thanks for the blog Robyn and best of luck!

  6. Robyn, It has been great to read about your experience with your root canal and awsome that you have made such a fast recovery! So I have just a few questions, even just a reguar filling can be bad then? What do I need to ask my dentist next week when I go have one filled? Can’t a white filling still contain mercury or is that the safe choice?

    1. Patti, IABDM has a resource on its website to find a bio dentist, although in Utah, I know of half a dozen and only mine (Dr. Ulm) is certified with IABDM and comes up. I googled “how do I find a biological dentist” and another resource came up, privately hosted. Good luck!

    1. Anne, as I understand it, certain teeth are on the same meridians are certain organs in the body and therefore the energy pathways are the same, so they affect each other.

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