Recovering from oral surgery…..part 2 of 3


Dr. Wall gave me IV Vitamin C during the procedure.  I am also using ACS and ACZ, to kill micro-organisms and safely remove them from the body.

I told the anaesthesiologist I wanted no benzodiazipenes.  Jeanette, also a patient of Dr. Wall’s, warned me that the anaesthesiologist wouldn’t like that. She was right; he didn’t. He pitched me on using these “date rape” drugs. He said they would protect me from the memory of the traumatic surgery, and he said he would recommend them for his own loved ones.

(Of course he would—those who operate in drug use every day are very comfortable with them. I am always wary of advice from pharmacists, drug reps, and drug-intensive medical practitioners. They’re good people, but they come from a different planet than the one I come from, ‘nuff said. I’m glad they are there, when we need them, don’t get me wrong. But I think massive caution is needed, with drugs in general.)

I stood my ground, he used no benzo’s, and I have no memory of the surgery. Not only that, but by the time I was driven home 90 minutes after surgery, I worked on my computer for the rest of the day and went to bed at the normal time and slept a normal amount, 6 hours. I felt fine and went first thing in the morning back to Salt Lake to watch my team play.

I experienced ZERO pain for three days. Shocking! He dug out roots of my teeth all the way up into the jaw, he debrided the jaw bone of any decay, and did a bone graft. I have stitches not only over the place where teeth once were, but also up high in the gums, where the tips of the roots were. He also did some major work on the other side of my mouth, redoing fillings that date back many years, 14 individual procedures total, in 5 hours. On Day 4, I did feel a little bruised.

All I can figure, with so little pain, is that this doctor is a genius, as Dr. Ulm’s practice told me he was. He did excellent, precise work, rather than tear up my mouth. I can’t say enough good about Dr. Wall.

I’m on a mostly liquid diet. Dr. Wall found that amalgam was NOT entirely removed from my mouth 10 years ago. He dug out another chunk of it. L I am glad to have that done. But I basically now can’t chew on either side of my mouth very well.

Fortunately I can drink lots of green smoothies and vegetable juices. I’m also drinking Rejuvelac every day. A good idea anyway, since I need to detox from the pleomorphic organisms that were trapped in what Dr. Wall told me, post-surgery, was TWO failed root canals. He said, “We knew the front tooth’s root canal had failed, from the imaging, but the roots of the back one that I dug out were decayed, too, through the jaw bone!”

I am so glad, now, that I had this procedure done. (My tennis team won against two states the day of surgery, but then lost to teams from Boise and Las Vegas anyway, the next day. I am traveling so much in October and November, I didn’t feel I could wait.)

It’s a little weird to be missing two teeth, not gonna lie. Americans are conditioned to keep our teeth, cosmetic concerns over health, at any cost. (I intend to value the cosmetic and functional aspects, too, by getting an implant to replace the front tooth.)

My main thought is, what a travesty to spend so much energy eating the right food, juicing and blending vegetables, traveling all over Kingdom Come teaching others about it…..and having deadly pleomorphic organisms mutating and moving all around my body, undoing the good work that nutrition, and my body’s defenses, were doing.

More thoughts on our dental choices, tomorrow.

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  1. Great score! I got 59,000. While I was waiting for the test I kept thinking, “I wonder what Robyn would get on this???” Then I asked Dr. Wall and he told me he scans at about 72,000. That made me determined to have a higher score each time I go back! I know my score is lower because with 4 busy little kids 8 and under, including a baby, I don’t get much time to exercise. Which means I’m probably not releasing all the toxins I could be. But also, my body is still making breastmilk for my baby, and getting up with him at night. But, he just recently started sleeping all night, and my kids went back to school, so I should be getting better at exercising too! Sometimes I just forget since we eat so healthy, I don’t have any extra weight to remind me that I need to sweat more!

    1. Well, Shellie, the best two ways to oxygenate all the tissues in the body are diet, and exercise, and while you wouldn’t want to neglect either one, I think 80/20 applies here….it’s 80% diet, so I’d let that go temporarily rather than let diet go. 59,000 is still really good, and above the 95th percentile, maybe even the 99th. 🙂 I used to have a scanner myself, and going to a trade show and scanning people for many hours, in a whole day I’d have maybe 2-3 scan that high! I’m so glad you’re getting some sleep….and that you’re breastfeeding, what a great choice. You’ll never be sorry you made these sacrifices for your children.

  2. Hey Robyn… I hope Dr. Wall at least gave you a referral discount! I went for the first time in June and told him I read about him on your blog! That is, as long as he know you’re the Green Smoothie Girl because that’s what I wrote. Anyway, I’m just really curious what score you got on that Health-o-meter thing he has you do when you come in where you put your hand and it measures you somehow. The girl who assisted me told me she’s only seen one person higher than me ever! Woot-woot! I told her I drink green smoothies! ha ha

    1. Hi Shellie, they don’t give me any referral discounts, but I am glad you’re going there! I think I answered your question in my next blog entry, about my Pharmanex Bioscan result, which was 80,000. What was yours? I have scanned higher, even though that’s off the high end of the chart….like I said, I think my immune system has been taxed with fighting the two failed root canals. I never knew they only “last” 10 years. So what are people supposed to do after 10 years? Some other toxic practice to put more chemicals in place to ineffectually try to re-trap all the organisms to morph and bleed out of their cavity even more, no doubt.

  3. Robyn,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful information that I had no idea about previously. I am curious to know your opinion of something. I have four children all of whom I nursed for over a year. Now I am left with loose skin on my abdomen and a saggy chest. I am considering having a tummy tuck and breast lift, however I am very trepidacious. I want to be as healthy as possible AND look my best.
    What is your opinion of these procedures and what advice could you give me as far as providers, procedures, and drugs?
    Thanks in advance for your kind help. I rely so much on your knowledge and appreciate it more than you know!

    1. Anonymous, I am so sorry but plastic surgery is WAAAAY outside my areas of expertise, plus I have to be careful not to advise people towards or against high-stakes medical decisions. I’m just not qualified in that area. Good luck. 🙂

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