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We’re back from the Pacific Northwest! part 1 of 2

Just back from the Pacific Northwest, where our audience size has doubled each of the three times I have spoken there.

I had Couer d’Alene on the schedule so I could see my grandpa, but he died in May. We went anyway and spoke to nearly 150 of our friends, and then 230 in Seattle and 330 in Portland. Thank you all for coming; I always feel so honored that anyone would come, but especially those who drive a long distance!  Laura and Debbie will be back, the week after Labor Day!

Last year we promised ourselves that next time, we would stop for a few days to learn more about the area. We hung out with my college roommate, Paula, and Kristin’s brother and his wife, Todd and Lori. We went to a music-and-food festival downtown called The Bite.

We ran and biked along the Willamette; hiked in Seaside, Oregon; and picked blueberries in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge with its high waterfalls on Sunday on our way to the airport. In Seaside, the scenery got a lot better the second day we were there, when a whole lotta 6’4” and shirtless showed up for a huge volleyball tournament on the beach. Just as we were leaving.

Kristin and I were blown away by the hydrangeas in bloom everywhere, the easy public transportation, organic everything, and thousands of people on bikes…..we loved everything about Portland.

One morning I ran miles away from the downtown Marriott where we stayed. As I turned around to run back, I realized I was really hungry. Luckily wild blackberry bushes grow everywhere along the river banks and I had an amazing snack of huge, juicy blackberries, even if my arms and legs were covered with scratches.

What an amazing place. We are thinking of moving there one day. (My only qualm is the lack of sunshine much of the year! But I discovered there are many tennis courts and clubs.) First we have to finish raising some kids here in Utah.

Our four California coaches flew in to watch and help and learn. We had a blast with them traveling with us!

Dr. Mariza Snyder (dark hair, photo below) is a young chiropractor practicing in the Bay Area; Kathleen Caudillo (blonde, photo below) is a mom of 6 and grandma of 7, a massage therapist and herbalist in Carlsbad; Nicky Barney is a vinyasa yoga teacher and whole-foods blogger in San Jose; and Jeanette Fransen is a naturopath in San Diego who healed her daughter of autism using detoxification protocols and a whole-foods diet.

Jeanette stood up in my Portland class and told her story of being overweight, with a dozen diagnoses that had her bedridden as a young mom of 25 years old. She is now symptom free and runs miles on the beach. I heard one reader tell her, “You’re so cute, you’re just like a little doll!” I featured her photo on the blog a week ago. Today we have Mariza’s and Kathleen’s photos.

How did Jeanette do it? Lots of research and trying a number of homeopathic and natural treatments, especially some that are practiced in Europe—but mainly, a whole-foods, plant-based diet rich in raw food and fermented foods, exactly like we teach in 12 Steps to Whole Foods.













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