The frustration of making changes

This week my undefeated team goes to Districts. I play singles this weekend even though I’m primarily a doubles player. I’ve won my last 9 matches in a row, and have been logging hours on the court with my ball machine, correcting weaknesses, evaluating my play.

Last year at this time, I went to Dictricts after a nearly undefeated tennis season. I’d won 13 of 15 matches, in league play and tournaments. My one league loss was in a tiebreaker, and the other was in the finals of a tournament.

And then my partner and I got clobbered in the final match of a tournament, 6-3, 6-2. The women we played were slumming it—they really played at a higher level than we do.

But I found myself suddenly humbled and motivated.

I went to my coach, and I said, “I know you’ve taught me a great serve before. But I haven’t learned those habits. I didn’t want to, because my serve was accurate, and it worked. But now I want a GREAT serve, whatever the cost.”

She taught me 5 aspects of mechanics that my serve needed, and that day I COMMITTED to them.

I wrote all the parts down. I practiced them over and over. The next day I had a league match, and I didn’t use my “old” serve at all. (In fact, I’d so committed to the new “right” way of doing it, I found that I couldn’t even access my old serve.)

Consequently, my serve looked pretty.  (My coach had filmed it and showed me.) But the power was GONE. I was frustrated.

So it is with a commitment to a new dietary lifestyle.

I remember being so frustrated—frightened, even!—when I threw out all the processed food and committed 100% to the change to a 60-80% raw, mostly plant-based diet, 17 years ago. I had no good habits in place.

My serve got better within a week. I learned to jump and twist in the air, use my quads, to bring the power back to my new “good-technique” serve.

So, too, my uncomfortable, initially time-consuming efforts to eat right became habits I now LOVE. They now cost me minimal time in the kitchen, and I’d never do without sprouting, kefir, green smoothies, my early-morning green water, or daily salads, for instance.

Stay the course! If you’re new, it’s hard or frustrating because it’s NEW–not because it’s hard or bad. Have a little faith and keep on, with the step you’re on. You’ll be so glad you did.

Tomorrow I tell you about the Menu Planner tool we’ve developed.

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  1. People! If this post speaks to you, don’t even wait to hear about the Menu Planner! Go to the website and BUY IT NOW, it is AMAZING! I am 3 weeks into it, and my whole family has loved it so far-even my five year old and stubborn husband are saying “yum!” about our whole food meals! Thanks Robyn, for making things easier for us “beginners”… You are doing the world a great service!

  2. I don’t recall having seen anything in past blogs about ‘early morning
    green water’. Please tell me more.

    I am using kefir, green smoothies, lots of salads, and renewing my
    interesting in sprouting. The addition
    of big, big salads with lots of fresh, raw vegetables made a BIG difference
    in energy levels and sense of wellness and health!
    Thanks for all your information. Looking forward to your trip to DFW area.


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