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A healer in every home….HERE ARE MY COACHES! (part 3 of 3)

Nearly 3,000 people asked for an application. I chose these 16. I will tell you more about them later, with photos of more of them, but for now, many apprentices want to work with them, so I wanted you to have a way of contacting them, until we get the Coach Bio / Contact page up on the site.

I’ll feature just three for now. The redheaded “go-to” nutrition mom in the neighborhood is Coach Sarah from Austin, Texas. The young mom with curly hair is Coach Karen from Philadelphia, a Global College of Natural Medicine grad with Hallelujah Acres certification. And we’ve got Coach Jeanette, a naturopath from San Diego who has eliminated autism in her young daughter through natural means.

If you put an application in but aren’t one of these 18, it’s not because you’re not wonderful. We want to work with you as an apprentice now. So please contact the appropriate coach below and help us. There’s always next time, and there are HUGE benefits to working with us as an apprentice too!

I’m very pleased to work with these classy, talented, beautiful, amazing women who will share my stage and help more people learn how to empower themselves and regain health and energy!

Visit the Coaches Page for a Complete Listing of Coaches and Apprentice Coaches

San Jose, Orange County, most of Florida


SoCal, Utah County, Logan UT, New Orleans/Baton Rouge

Bay Area, Las Vegas, St. George

Salt Lake City and north, most of Idaho

Boise, ID

New York state, Boston, Toronto

Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. areas

Michigan, Toronto

Chicago, Milwaukee, Indiana

Dallas, San Antonio

Houston, Austin

Nashville, Knoxville, No. FLA

Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Western Canada

Colorado, Minnesota

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